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My First Topsy Turvy Cake

by Patti
(Belmont NC)

My son designed this topsy turvy cake

A few weeks ago I told my son that for his "16th" Birthday he could design his cake anyway he wanted. Well I had NO IDEA that he would ask for a Topsy Turvy Cake, but he did!! He asked if that would be ok, and if I could & would make it.

Since I told him that he could have his cake anyway he wanted it, I had to keep my word!! I told him to draw it for me and this topsy turvy cake was what he drew. He designed the Cake, Colors & Flavors.

All Homemade Layers ( of course )
  • Bottom Tier -- Carolina Pound Cake

  • Middle Tier -- German Chocolate Cake

  • Top Tier ---- Cherry Pound Cake

I thought that for my 1st try it turned out pretty good.
(His party was this past Saturday 10-23-10). All his friends & our family LOVED the cake!!


Quite a Team!
by: Lorelei

Wow Patti, I am so impressed! Not only with the fact that this is your first topsy turvy cake but with your sons design talents. You two make a great team. Maybe you should consider opening up shop together!!! I see a reality television show in your future.!!! LOL

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