Prego Belly Cake

by Jenny

I have been waiting for my Bestie to fall pregnant so I could throw her a baby shower, I was dying to try this cake for her, with all other party preps I got a little side tracked and didn't really give my self enough time to dedicate to the cake. So there I am 12:30 at night trying to get the bottom half of the dress on the belly. i just wanted to get to bed. It didn't even occur to me that the boobies were HUGE compared to the belly and I could have made the dress a bit bigger might have balanced it out a bit better.... oh well everyone thought it was a wicked cake, and all the boys loved the boobies!!!!!

I also thought the sleeping baby faces were too cute so I did them too..... I have had my baking fix now for this month.... ice cream cake is the next one!!!!

Hi Jenny, So nice of you to share this pregnant belly cake with us. Yes I would say the breasts are a little on the large side LOL!!! But it sounds like it was fun and a great conversation piece.

Pregnant Belly Cake
by: Jenny

Thanks for your reply re making the fondant look shiny, I was thinking of using a white chocolate ganache under my fondant on my prego belly this week (i have a book that suggests this for box cakes to limit imperfections) after reading your suggestions on the butter cream I am not sure which way to go now, i have not used butter cream under fondant before and if i use this would i still use the sugar syrup???


Your welcome, You can use the white chocolate ganache or the buttercream. I think the white chocolate ganache may work really well to coat your cake with. It will certainly add a nice flavor too. Try adding the ganache to the buttercream to combine them into one for crumb coating. Either one or a combination will do fine. I think you mean the sugar syrup for the buttercream ? The answer is yes...Lorelie

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