Say Cheese

by Danya Ho

Camera Cake by Danya Ho

Camera Cake by Danya Ho

I thought I had heard it all until someone requested a camera cake. Here is how it went.

"Hi Danya can you make me a camera for my friend's birthday? This request was accompanied by an image of the specific camera required.

Needless to say it took me a few hours to steady my nerves before answering in the affirmative.

"What are you thinking?" was one question that came in response to my declaration that I had agreed to make this cake.

Thanks to the "University of Google" I set about researching many videos. I watched the one that fitted the request over and over. It wasn't long before I found the camera tutorials. Night after night they became my constant companions.

Even in the line at the bank or in traffic on the roads. ..the camera was being studied.

I slept ate and drank the tutorials for over two weeks.

Then the day finally arrived. The 9x13 inch sheet of chocolate cake was baked and left to get "stale" for the construction to begin. Here are the detailed steps that I followed to make this camera cake come to life.

1. Bake a 13x9 inch chocolate cake
2. Let it stand out of the refrigerator for two days to set and become a little "stale"
3. Layer 3 pieces of cake with chocolate mocha buttercream icing.
4. Carve body of the camera
Cover entire body with thick chocolate Ganache
5. Reiterate till ganache hardens
6. In the meantime use a one-inch cylinder cutter to punch out the lense
7. Layer and fill lens with chocolate mocha icing, Cover the lens with ganache and black fondant
8. Insert 2 bamboo skewers into the lens and set aside till after camera is covered
9. Remove body of the camera from the fridge. Work quickly to cover with black fondant. Press and form curves and edges till the camera is shaped. Now you're ready for the lens to be attached
10. Attach lens
11. Use a very fine pointed paintbrush to paint on the embellishments. Wilton's bright white food coloring is perfect for this
12. Print an edible print of the camera
13. Cut out the lens cover and attach to the front of the camera lens for a realistic look
14. Roll out a piece of black fondant for the strap. Paint on happy birthday.
25. Attach strap with edible glue and cut out fondant pieces to make the camera look more realistic

After eight hours Camera is ready for delivery.

It was loved by the guests and the person who ordered it.

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Apr 17, 2018
Thank you and WOW!
by: Lorelie

Thank you Danya for adding your camera cake story. And for the details on how you made it. That is quite the challenge. Great job.

Apr 18, 2018
Say Cheese
by: Danya

Thank you. It was worth the anxiety in the end.

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