Shipping a cake

by Gria

Hello, how do I package a cake for shipping through Ups or Fed ex?

Hi Gria,

I have not shipped a cake via the mail, but I can make some suggestions.

First, you may want to consider a fondant cake versus a buttercream cake. The fondant will hold up better. I am assuming this is a single cake. Make sure your cake is frozen or at least very cold prior to wrapping it in plastic wrap.

Place the cake in a good solid corrugated cardboard box. The box dimensions should match the base of the cake perfectly so that the cake does not slide around. Or you could hot glue the cake base to the bottom of the box. Close the box and tape it well.

Next take a second box, slightly larger and place the boxed cake into that box. You can then fill the gaps with dry ice, or gel packs. Dry ice will keep the cake frozen and is what I would use. Tape up the second box and using a marker, make an arrow pointing to the top on all four sides. Make a note indicating the top and that the cargo is delicate.

I am going to ask my Facebook cake decorating friends if they have experience with shipping cakes and see if they will add some ideas to this post. Thanks for asking a great question. This is the first shipping cakes question I have gotten.

Susan Purdy from, A Piece of Cake, suggests, selecting an inner box made of cardboard plastic or tin, surrounding the cake with cushioning material-bunched sheets of newspaper, unflavored, unsalted popcorn, or styrofoam beads. Or roll up sheets of plastic bubble wrap and finally suspend this box in a sturdy mailing carton and again pack it with cushioning material so it cannot slide around. Seal and mark the outside of the box "PERISHABLE, HANDLE WITH CARE" OR FRAGILE AND PERISHABLE, HANDLE WITH CARE" If you have questions about mail regulations, or length of time in transit, inquire at your nearest post office or United Parcel Service (UPS) office.

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