So many cupcakes to make in so little time!!!

by Sarah A
(Mississauga, ON. Canada)

Vanilla Cupcakes Cooling

Vanilla Cupcakes Cooling

Hi There,

I was asked to make 300 cupcakes for a fund raising event going on these week Thursday!!!=S They don't want too much work on it-just a swirl of buttercream on top of each chocolate or vanilla cupcake.

The problem is that I don't have much time to make and freeze them...
So my questions are: Is it ok to start baking tomorrow (Tuesday) and decorating on Wednesday night or Thursday morning? is that doable and will it taste and feel fresh? and should I still try freezing them before I decorate them? and if you have any extra tips and or advice (which you always have :D) please throw them all out to me

Hear from you soon
Sarah A.

Hi Sarah,
The good news is you can bake the cupcakes ahead. Cupcakes are always a lot of work. So I do not envy you having to make 300 of them. They tend to dry out quickly too so you are better off freezing them to keep them fresh.

Wrap each one individually if possible (that alone is a lot of work.) Reynolds wrap is the easiest material to use to wrap them with. Once they are frozen put them into a plastic bag to keep them even fresher.

As far as frosting them and freezing them, if at all possible yes. But they will take up a lot of space. Do you have a freezer large enough? They can't be piled on top of each other once frosted as you know.

They will still be fresh if you frost them the night before and box them up. Just make sure that you cover the entire tops of the cakes so none of the cake dries out.

Freeze the cupcakes regardless as they will be much easier to work with.
Good luck with your 300 cupcakes!!!
Send a pic of them if you want to. Would love to see them all lined up.

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