Topsy Turvy Cake

by Kim
(New Zealand)

A Topsy Turvy Cake For An Engagement

This is my very first 3 tier cake. I discovered that covering a topsy turvy cake is not easy. I had to use so much fondant that I bought it rather than making it myself. I didn't use anything that could dry it out but still had big problems with it. I generally don't have drying out problems with my own fondant! I need to find out a lot more about the best fondant to get.

The bottom tier was chocolate and the rest was plain butter. Thanks to Lorelie and her recipes. The bride to be was very pleased (she doesn't like chocolate) she enjoyed the top layers and I think it was a great test for the wedding cake next year and we are going to stick to the same combination of flavours.

If you are wondering about the brooch ? I stacked two large and one medium flower cutters that I had and found bindis at a gift shop. Bindis are used by Indian ladies for special occasions I think, to use as jewelery on the forehead. They only come in black, red and gold's. I thought they were a great find and very pretty, also inexpensive.

I made the letters in royal icing on baking paper. I attached the paper to a tin so that they were curved. I held my breath when I took them off to attach them, but it went ok.

I made real looking roses for this cake but I hated the look. I then made the new rolled roses with thick fondant but still used the real leaf press. You may also notice that it was not stacked correctly, I had to move the layers around to get the decoration in at the right spot. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it.


Hi Kim, Thank you so much for this beautiful addition to the website. Your topsy turvy design is amazing! I love it and the brooch is very interesting with the Bindi jewelry. (great idea) The colors and the pleating are also outstanding.

Just a tip
by: Anonymous
Thanks so much for the kind comment. Just as a little tip I found very useful. I marked some baking paper with the shape I needed for the pleating. I then pleated the fondant (a bit at a time) on the paper and placed the fondant with paper attached to the cake. Very easy. It stops the fondant from stretching and moving. I also place my hand on an ice pack before tricky work so the heat doesn't affect the fondant when I am handling for a long time.

by: Kimmy
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my cake.

Nice Cake
by: MsSherrieJ
Nice cake Kim

by: Barbara M
This is a beautiful cake. You did an awesome job. Colors are great together and I may try to do one myself :

by: Anonymous
That cake is beautiful! Congratulations! You must be so happy with it! I love the pleating around the second tier! I may have to borrow that idea! ;)

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