Transporting 4 tiered cakes.

by Christie
(Lacey wa)

Cake Stackers metal Support System

Cake Stackers metal Support System

Hello. My question is should I deliver my 4 tiered 16" 14"10" and 8" cake already stacked or should I stack it at the venue.

With it being so tall I am so nervous about this delivery . It will be my first 4 tiered cake. I would hate to have this fall during transport.

Hi Christie,

Delivering a wedding cake can be quite stressful.
Your cake is fairly large and heavy.

I prefer to stack the cakes and deliver them whole if possible. In your case I would seriously consider the Cake Stackers. They REALLY work and keep your cake stable for a smooth delivery. Much less stress.

Here is a link to one of my wedding cakes being constructed with these wonderful cake supports. You will have to LIKE my Facebook page first to see them though :-)

Here is the direct link to the photo album. The cakes in the example are 14 10 and 6 inch.

Check out the videos at the Cake Stackers website too. Click on the logo above and go straight to their page. You will be amazed as she even hold a cake upside down to show you how supportive they are.

If you decide not to get them then I would not suggest delivering the cake in one piece. Box up each cake separate and bring them to the hall. Stack and dowel the cakes on site. You will need to bring frosting for borders and decorating.

As an alternative you could stack the 16 and 14 inch tiers and then add the 10 and the 8 inch cakes once it is set up.

Good luck with your first four tier wedding cake delivery. Please update us and send a photo of your finished cake. Thanks for visiting and asking a GREAT question.

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May 17, 2012
by: Colleen

I vote for the Cake Stackers. They are next on my list to buy from cake orders. I am fed up with holding a 50 lb cake on my lap(and my legs going numb) or holding on to it while someone else drives. I even went to Office Max to buy a large box to send one down the road tomorrow 12,9,6. The look the best.

I'd love to also buy the Cake Safe (check that out), but it's a little pricey. My husband said that he could build one for that price though so I guess it's worth the money.

I would never try to deliver a 4 tiered cake at once. Separate the large and small tiers and put together on site. It's too risky and I want to live long enough to see my next grandchild graduate! lol I'll be 80.....

May 18, 2012
Thank you
by: Christie

Thank you for your answers. I wish I could afford the cake stacker but I need to do a few more weddings to get it. I will take your advice and set-up at the venue. I was not sure any one did this and just didn't want to seem unprofessional doing it that way. Thank you

May 18, 2012
by: Colleen-

If you start doing a lot of venues and you are delivering your cakes; invest in a chef's jacket (white, pink), it makes you look more professional.
Don't forget to take extra frosting in your piping bag, a wet towel (your hands), paper towels, spatula and so on. I finally purchased an insulated bag a a purse party awhile ago and it keeps everything cold and you can wipe it down inside.

I also type out instructions (with my name and phone number) on what is inside of the cake holding it together- dowels - and where they are located, and a list of what needs to go back to me. I printed off all of the things people 'rent' from me off of the Wilton site and circle what needs to come back.

I leave a box with a couple of plastic bags so they can just toss them in there. If they are using a cake plateau, I also leave that box too.

Have fun!

May 27, 2012
Fantastic Cake Delivery Tips
by: Lorelie

Hi Colleen and Christie,

Colleen THANK you again for a Fantastic helpful posting. You will be able to put together a four tiered cake and deliver it whole with the Stackers if you choose too.

Although I keep the top tier separate until setting up at the venue and then place it right on top without using supports. As long as the bride and groom don't plan on moving the table your top will be fine. This saved me a little money too as I didn't have to order those parts.

The Cake Safe looks amazing. I saw those online a while back and was very impressed. Also wearing a chefs coat is a nice touch, I agree with you on that it adds to your professional look. People in chef's coats receive more respect :-)

Christie good luck with the cake delivery and let us know how it goes. Thanks Colleen for all of your great tips.

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