Unique Wedding Cake

by Stephanie N.

When my to-be sister-in-law asked me to make her a unique wedding cake, I was thrilled. When I first asked her what she wanted, she just said, "Whatever."


After a game of 20 Questions (ok, more like 120 questions, haha), I got a few things figured out that she wanted and/or didn't want.

Non-traditional is probably the best way to describe their wedding as a whole. Their colors were hot pink and black, with white as more of an accent color.

The groom, best man, and the three ring bearers (triplets) were wearing black RealTree(R) camo vests (which I also made). The one thing she had to have was polka dots on the top tier. I made about four or five sketches of cakes and this is the one she picked.

It was really challenging, because I am self-taught, never took any classes or anything like that. I had never made a single flower, never tried a basketweave, and never used pillars. This was an entirely new thing for me. But I absolutely love it.

Probably the most frustrating part was trying to make sticks out of fondant. I had no luck whatsoever with that! I tried rolling very thin 'sticks', I tried wrapping fondant around wire, all kinds of things to no avail. So, we used artificial sticks found in the flower department at a craft store. That's the only non-edible part of the decorations.

I was absolutely terrified to transport this cake. We had to drive it about 85 miles in a car with no air conditioning, and it was 105 degrees that day. About five pounds of dry ice, and we were all good. When I opened the box at the location, I was so scared it was going to all be melted, but it wasn't!

The bottom tier and top tier (which they saved) are both two-layers of white cake, but was colored hot pink. The pink and white icings were a variation of buttercream that I have tweaked a little to be slightly less sweet, and it holds up much better in higher humidity. The middle tier was two layers of devil's food cake, but (you guessed it) was tinted black! The icing on the middle tier was a very smooth, creamy dark chocolate that I tinted black. (The bride opted to include chocolate in this cake instead of doing a groom's cake.)

Most of the flowers are made of royal icing, using meringue powder. The Calla Lilies are made of fondant, another first for me. A heart-shaped cookie cutter and wax paper cones make it so easy! I learned so much, and I am excited to learn more!

Stephanie, Your unique wedding cake is a hit. Very unusual and creative. You did a fabulous job. The dry ice was a good idea for delivering the cake in hot weather, especially with no air conditioning. Awesome entry.

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Sep 16, 2011
Looks great
by: Randy

Looks great, sounds great. You had some really good ideas!

Sep 17, 2011
by: Y. A.

Great job, looks good. Sounds like you gave the bride what she wanted.

Sep 21, 2011
basket weaving...
by: kristi de seve

you make it look (pardon the cliche)like a piece of cake to do. i actually skipped that day in class...intimidated i guess. great job! love the colors, too. :)

Sep 25, 2011
by: Shery

WOW was all I could say. The cake was amazing. Other cakes of yours that I have eaten have been excellent!!! Moist and not sickening sweet. You have a great talent. Keep up the good work!

Oct 09, 2011
by: JN

Super cute! I love it! Great job, so creative! I've definitely never seen one like it!

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