18th Birthday Cake

by Kimmy NZ
(New Zealand.)

BMX Birthday Babe.

BMX Birthday Babe.

OK, so this 18th birthday cake was a super challenge. It had to be girly………,but not too girly.

She is an amazing BMX bike racer (I know nothing about this!) She loves the racing fashion and wanted a bit of Bling. Oh, and not forgetting her favourite colour is purple……..no pressure!!!!

I was just not getting this and didn’t know what to do. Then I saw photos and WOW!!! Pictures in the coolest racing outfit’s and the one that really did it for me – A gorgeous prom photo –

The birthday girl was dressed in an elegant white dress but instead of a prom date, she was holding her bike by the handles with the bike balanced on its back wheel. Did I mention that she may be a tomboy, but she is a stunning young lady.

This cake was very blingy but it doesn’t show up in the photo. The 18 and the silver on the shoe was a bike chain made with fondant. The green, pink and black is taken from her racing top with the fox logo being the make of the clothes.

I could have written happy birthday but I noticed the words YOU ROCK as a comment from her Mum written under a photo of her with a winning cup. I took a photo and traced it onto flat fondant then painted the bike silhouette and popped it onto a wooden cocktail stick.

So that all the glitter showed up, her Mum had a table ready with lots of fairy lights around the edge, and it looked really cool.

Lorelie's Response Kimmy once again you have customized a cake to perfection. Your clients have to be the happiest ones on the planet. :-) Thank you so much for adding this very cool 18th birthday cake design to the wedding cakes for you website.

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