21st birthday cake.

by Kimmy NZ
(New Zealand.)

Tall 21st birthday cake

Tall 21st birthday cake

This 21st birthday cake was really fun to make. It was ordered by a number of friends of the Birthday Girl. I did have a chat with the young lady to get an idea of what she liked but then the design and size was left up to me and her friends.

Cake Decorating Design Tip
If you make a cake with lots going on – you must draw and colour it first. This way you can make sure that once you have the cake stacked, that the decoration that you add will show up and not get lost.

This cake’s layers changed colour a few times and I had to giggle the pink and white tiers a few times as I started to make the bits and bob’s ending up with quite a few drawings.

Everything was made a week before the cake because I knew that the lace’s, ruffles, pearls and number 21 were going to take quite a while. I did make 4 flowers and left it till the end to decide where to put them and how many looked nice. In the end I only needed two. Less is more!

Just a quick tip – If you make a very tall cake, put it on a large board. Carrying this cake was a nightmare. In the end it felt so unsafe that I placed it on a large wooden board to make carrying it more stable.

Lorelie's response

Kimmy these are great tips. A tall cake does require a wider bottom to carry comfortably. I like to use one that is at least 4 inches larger in diameter as the bottom tier.

Drawing out your ideas is a really good idea too. This helps me as well. The final product is usually not exactly as the image it started as, but it helps to have it imagined and on paper.

Thank you for adding this beautiful 21st birthday cake to the website.Your creations are outstanding. I am honored that you share your work here at wedding-cakes-for-you.

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Oct 05, 2013
Thanks. My little cake angel, Lorelie.
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much Lorelie - boy, what I wouldn't have done to know the info on the large board before. Delivery was very scary.

Do you mean 4' all around the cake or the board is just 4' bigger than the bottom cake. I NEED to know cos I will NOT make this mistake again!!!

Oct 06, 2013
Cake Board
by: Lorelie

Hi Kimmy, Love the title of your last post :-) Thanks! If the cake is a 12 inch round, use a 16 inch round base board. It looks as though that is the size of the one under your 21st birthday cake. But it also looks like a styrofoam board. So you got the size right but wood or Masonite is a better choice for a heavy or tall cake.

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