by Sabrina Ravello
(Bronx, NY)

Question:I would like to start a home-baking business creating custom cakes. But, I was told that I could not bake from my own kitchen and sell my cakes because it was not legal or permitted by the health department.

How does one get started if not from the home? Most have started from home and are now prosperous establishments. I really love doing what I do. Please help. :(

Answer:Hi Sabrina,
It is a shame because most home kitchens are cleaner than industrial kitchens in my experience.
It may be legal in some towns, but most towns do not allow it. Have you checked with your town yet?

I am one of those people who did have a small business making cakes out of my home kitchen and the town found out about it. (thanks to my neighbor) They were very kind and allowed me to continue as long as they could inspect twice a year. It was a small town, I don't know what the consequences are if you live in a large town or city. So I am not suggesting you do as I did.

I would suggest that you find a small restaurant in your town that would allow you to use their space until you get established. If you love it enough and are willing to learn as you go, you can do this. Good luck and keep us updated on your progress. ok?

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A Career Baking Cakes?

by Nanci


I am thinking of starting a new career in cake baking but don't have much experience. I love to cook and bake and I have always had an interest in the culinary arts. I have a full-time career now but I have time on the weekends. Any advice?


Hi Nanci,

My first thought for you is to find a local bakery that needs some part time weekend or evening help. The best place to learn the ropes is in the workplace. You might get lucky like I did and have a couple of great mentors along the way.

You didn't mention decorating cakes. Assuming you do want to decorate as well, my advice is to take a course on cake decorating either at your local craft shop or cake supply store. I took one starting out and it really helped me with the basics. Then depending on how you best learn, books can be really helpful.

Practice is the best, so take a skill (like butter cream roses and practice them like crazy) believe it or not you will be able to whip those out like nothing.

There are a lot of things to consider before getting into the business of baking and cake decorating.

Hope this helps and if anyone out there reading this would like to add to this please do. Just fill out the comment form below this post. Thanks to all of my readers for visiting my site, for your support and for lending a helpful tip.

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