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How do you know how long to bake a cake that has been tripled and put in a larger pan to feed more people? I made a yellow cake but it is for an anniversary to feed 50. I put it in a 12x15 pan. How do I know how long it should bake? Seems the sides want to be done first. What did I do wrong? thanks for your help!

Hi Joan, You did nothing wrong, the sides of the cakes do bake up quicker than the center of the cake. You could try using a heating core which goes into the center of your cake. The core heats up so that your cake will bake up better in the center.

You can find them online at Candyland Crafts. Go to my supplies page to link to my affiliate.

Even without a baking core you should be fine. I do not use them, but some people swear by them. Just keep a close watch on the cakes as they are baking and make notes as to timing and how much you fill the pans etc.

As far as baking times go add on 15 more minutes or so and keep checking your cakes until they spring back when you touch them on the center. All ovens are different so it is hard for me to give an exact amount of time.

There is a similar question on this site. Here is the link to that post

You didn't mention how much you filled the pan. If you fill it too high it will not bake up properly either. Only fill about 2/3rd's full at the most, or check the chart on my baking tips page.

Thank you for visiting my site and I do hope you are finding it helpful. On the baking tips page you will also find links to baking conversions- ounces to gram - and bakers measurements and equivalents.

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Jul 12, 2011
metal rose nail
by: Citygirl14626

Hi I use a couple of the metal rose nails upside and down in the I rip up a dish towel ...dampen it and tie in strips around the larger cakes come out evenly done, without the crusty edges and almost perfectly level

Give it try

Wow thanks for the great tip! Citygirl

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