Black And White Wedding Cake

by Flora Santiago
(Studio CIty)

Black and White Wedding Cake

A three tiered red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Fondant is a MMF...clean simple elegant design. Topped with fresh red roses...

Here Is How I Made My Black And White Wedding Cake

  • First you can use your own cake recipe or box cake mix if you prefer.

  • Next bake the cakes in 6", 8" and a 10" cake pans. You may want to double up the cakes depending on how many layers you want each tier to be. For this cake, I doubled the baking to feed 45-55 people.

  • Once the cakes have been cooled, slice each cake into 1/2" layers, you should have 4-5 layers for each tier.

  • Place cakes on 6", 8", 10" cardboard cake rounds (you should have two of each size round). Frost the cardboard cake round so the bottom layer won't slide or shift as you pile them up, then continue to frost each layer for every tier.

  • Tip For A Moist Cake

    For a moist delicious cake, make a mixture of 2 cups water and two cups sugar with a teaspoon of vanilla, brush each layer with the sugar water mixture and crumb coat. After crumb coating all the tiers, put in the freezer for about 30 minutes to an hour, while in the on the fondant.
    I make my own fondant...I used MMF similar to the recipe on this site for Marshmallow Fondant

    Covering The Cakes With Fondant My Way

  • Roll out fondant to 1/7"-1/8" thick to cover each tier. Leave a 1/2 "hem" so that you can fold the hem under the cake board.

  • Using a piece of large cardboard flip the tier upside down, working quickly, wet the hem and fold the hem over and stick the fondant to the cardboard, then wet the hem again on the outside and adhere the second cardboard cake round to the sticky hem, then flip the tier over. Do the same for the other two tiers.
    To see more of my unique wedding cakes, please visit

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    Nov 02, 2010
    Very Elegant Vine Design
    by: Lorelie

    Hi Flora, Thanks for your entry into the cake decorating contest. Every 10 entries a winner will be announced. You may want to go and take a look at the entry page again as I just added the NEW prizes.

    I would love it if you could embellish a little more on your techniques. Do you have any tips? advice or wisdom to pass along to other cake decorators. I see you have a website and you do very nice work. How did you do the vines? and what does MMF mean for those people who are new to this.

    I am curious also how you made the cake stand. It looks like something that you did yourself. It's beautiful.

    Nov 05, 2010
    by: Yani

    I find this cake to be very romantic, lovely. Great job.

    Nov 07, 2010
    by: Lorelie

    Thanks Flora for the details of how you made your cake. And Yani thanks for your comment on Flora's cake. I agree it's an elegant wedding cake. Flora sent me even more details but I just wanted to add the couple of great tips and how she covers her cakes with fondant. I have never done it in this way and I enjoy learning how other people are inventing new cake decorating techniques.

    Nov 12, 2010
    Cool Black and White Cake
    by: David Berry

    Flora, as soon as I saw this I thought that it looks like a hat that, "The Cat in the Hat" would wear.....mmm,mmm sounds delicious!

    Jan 12, 2012
    by: Anonymous

    Am planning to make my parents' 40th anniversary cake and wanted to use fresh roses. Wondering how to insert flowers at the top. Do I need to cover the stems in something?

    Jan 12, 2012
    Fresh Flowers
    by: Lorelie

    Hi You can use an floral oasis, which you can get at craft shops. It is a foam that absorbs and holds water, which you then place into a plastic holder. This keeps the flowers fresh. Or you can use floral pics which are individual little vases that each flower goes into and is then pushed into the cake.Here is a link to ideas for fresh flower decorations.

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