Buttercream Ruffles

by Lisa

Buttercream Ruffled Cake

Buttercream Ruffled Cake

How do I create buttercream ruffles on a cake?

Hi Lisa, To make ruffles on the sides of the cake like this wedding cake photo you will need a rose tip, a coupler and a pastry bag. I assume you have these already.

Fill your bag with buttercream frosting. Now place the thicker end of the tip up against the cake gently at a slight angle. The opening will be downward.

You will need to move the tip back and forth slightly to ruffle it.This is tough to explain. I think I will need to make a video for you to see.

Be on the lookout for a video this week as I am making a wedding cake and can do a demo. UPDATE: Video below.

A turntable will also come in handy as you can turn the cake slowly while piping the ruffles.

Hope this video helps.
It demonstrates another way to make ruffles. In the video I am using a small leaf tip, but you can also use a larger size.

The video show a different type of ruffle than the one on the cake in the photo above. If you do watch the video continue viewing the playlist. It will show you how I used the buttercream ruffle to decorate a beautiful Victorian style birthday cake. The cake could be a small wedding cake. It was for a woman turning 90 years old who wanted something old fashioned.

Ruffles do take a lot of practice like any of the borders or swags do. If you mark the cake first at intervals and then pipe your swags (if that is what you are planning on doing) you will have an easier time. You can also purchase patterns to press into the sides of the cake. or even use a round object using it in a similar fashion.

Good luck with your ruffles.

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