Cake Boards Question?

by Brenda

How the cake will be set up at the wedding

How the cake will be set up at the wedding

First of all, I love your site..tons of good info!!

My question is about cake boards. I am making my first wedding cake for my daughter's wedding on the 15th of this month. She wants separate tiers which makes it so much easier for me.

Everything I have read says to put the cake on a bigger board (8 inch cake on 10 inch board)which I understand so you have room for decorating around the cake at the bottom, but the board still shows after decorating and we have really nice stands to put them on and didn't want the boards to show at all when it is done.

I can't put them on the plates and then decorate because there is a place on the bottoms that sticks out to attach the plates to tubes and they won't sit level. Someone suggested setting the plates on top of the empty pans but I don't have enough pans and they don't fit in the boxes that way. She absolutely does not want the lace stuff around the bottom either...any suggestions?
Thank you, Brenda

ANSWER Hi Brenda, Thank you :-) I always use the same size boards to put the cakes on so that it does not show. So if it is a 10 inch cake then use a 10 inch board.

The tiered stand that you are using however should have plates that are at least 2 inches larger in diameter then the cake itself.

Frost the cakes on the cardboard rounds and then hot glue them in place onto the plastic plates. The hot glue is pretty thick so that should take up the space from the place that sticks out. (Are these Wilton plastic plates?) You
will then do the final decorative border, which covers up any of the cardboard showing around the edge.

I hope that helps. Good luck and please let us know how it went.

UPDATE on October 13 2011 - Reference to the photos above.
Picture #1 is how the cake will be set up at the wedding,
picture #2 is one of the plates that the cake sits on,
picture #3 is the stand set up without the cake on it,
picture #4 is a plate with a cake on it

What I need to know is if I put a 10 inch one on a 10 inch board, and then set it on the plate to decorate, how do I transport it in the box without it wobbling back and forth on the nub that sticks out the bottom of the plate?
I hope this makes sense to you.

ANSWER:Try fitting a thick piece of foam in each cake box that the cakes will be delivered in. That should keep them level.

Here is a link to the displays page.

You can send a photo of the finished cake or do another write up about how it turns out. We would all love to see it. go to the photos and stories invitation.

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Oct 04, 2011
Not Wilton cake plates
by: Brenda

Thank you for your quick answer Lorelie, however..these are not Wilton cake plates. These are the acrylic plates that have a hollow tube in the center and can be set at different heights. There is a plate at the bottom, the tube goes in it and then another plate at the top that fits onto the tube. Here is the link to the plates we have:

Oct 06, 2011
Cake Plates
by: Lorelie

Hi Brenda, I have used similar plates , but they were by Wilton. Can you use hot glue to place the cakes on the plates? Do you have time to send a photo of these plates without a cake on it?

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