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"I just found your cake decorating directory. Your site is the most informative of all that I have found. Thanks so much for your videos and instructions for those of us out here."~Chris from Milpitas CA.~

Newest Cakes and Tutorials 

In keeping with the recent cake trends I have added new pages with video tutorials. Exciting things are happening !!!

How to Use The Russian Piping Tips

The Russian Piping Tips are the talk of some cake decorating circles so I put together a step by step video for you. Each of the seven tips in the set that I purchased is covered so you can see which one does what. Take a peek and pick a favorite. Mine is the two toned Tulip. 

Winter Cake Tutorial

Inspired by a winter wonderland I designed this elegant two tiered cake that even a beginner can make. Along with this cake I created a step by step for you to follow. From the spice cake recipe and browned butter filling to the buttercream pine cones and white chocolate lace you will be amazed at what you can create.

Star Wars Cakes Tutorial

Inspired by my two grandsons birthdays I made two Star Wars cake designs. The tutorial has many cake decorating tips that you can use to make a fun and easy Star Wars themed birthday cake. Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren miniatures are incorporated into the design and can be kept by the birthday boys. What could be more fun than that? Eating all the the goodies on top!

Campfire Cake

Chocolate and caramel cake with rich dark chocolate ganache, real roasted marshmallows, cookie logs and a candy flame. Learn how to make all of the components of this cool design and put it all together. 

Loaded Drip Cakes

This is a fun trend. The great thing about them is that pretty much anything goes. So have a blast embellishing with cookies, candies, sprinkles, sparkles, meringue etc Let your imagination and taste buds soar. Who wouldn't want to have one if these creations for a special occasion? 

Naked Cakes

My favorite designs are scantily clad like this semi naked one. Watch the video and learn how to make these rustic cakes for any occasion. Topped with fresh flowers and herbs,  I give you a few examples to inspire your creativity.

Gothic Style

Dark and delicious, this fantasy wedding cake is brought to life by the whimsical black and purple gumpaste flowers and sugar lace. If you want to learn how to make the lace watch the video by the maker of these lace molds. The flower video is here.

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