Can you cover a ganache cake with fondant

Can a cake filled with buttercream, and sealed with ganache, then be covered in fondant?

I know that a cake can be filled, and covered with a a layer of ganache, CAN it be covered in fondant? In fact that is the way the Australian bakers get their sharp edges on their fondant cakes.

What I want to make sure of is, can the cake be filled with buttercream and not the ganache. I have watched the tutorials Inspired by Michele's Cakes. Very good 3 part series....but she fills all of her cakes with ganache.
I would like to fill mine with buttercream. thx!

I don't see any reason why you cannot fill your cakes with buttercream and then cover your cakes with the gancahe and then fondant.

I would make sure that your cakes are nice and cold, fill them with your buttercream, let them sit for a few minutes to chill the filling. You can place them back in the fridge for a while. Then ganache the cakes and let it set again.

Finally you can place the fondant on top of that. Hope that helps you out.

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Jan 27, 2012
by: kimmy NZ

I have made a cake this way. It is a little different to butter cream. I cover my cake while it is frozen and I found ganache sets hard quicker - I am not super quick like the lovely ladies on youtube. I do butter cream all in one go and pop it back in the fridge while I roll the fondant. I found that with ganache I have to do it quick, take no notice of holes etc, first go. Put cake in fridge and get the ganache back to the right consistency before a second finish. I have also used a knife dipped in hot water to finish. Also, I had problems with my fondant but with a bit of research I found a lady that brushes her ganache with a little water before fondant and it worked perfectly. She dipped the brush in water then dabbed on paper towel, so only a very light water is needed.

Hope all my mistakes help you :o)

Jan 27, 2012
Awesome Tips Kimmy
by: Lorelie

Hi Kimmy, Thanks for adding your ideas and mishaps LOL It helps a lot!!!


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