Can you use modeling chocolate like fondant?

by Amber Gibson
(Canton, NC)

Question:Hello! My name is Amber Gibson. I recently made my daughter's cake for her birthday and used fondant. I had never worked with it before and I did okay, but the stuff tastes terrible. My guests didn't even eat it. I was wondering if you have ever used modeling chocolate as a cover for a cake? I was wondering if it tastes better and is easy to do? Thanks so much for your help!!

Answer: Hi Amber, I have worked with modeling chocolate to make chocolate roses, leaves and other decorations, but have yet to cover a cake with it. It's very easy to work with and also very easy to make. I included a video at the bottom of this page so you can see my recipe and how I used it in conjunction with chocolate ganache'

I did research it a little and ended up on cake centrals forums.
I picked up a couple of tips...

One person suggests using a mix of 1/3 modeling chocolate + 2/3 fondant. You get the chocolate taste, but it's cheaper and a bit easier to work with.

The modeling chocolate when dry is not as soft as fondant. Check out the two videos and then go to the forums.
I think you may find that helpful.

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Aug 24, 2010
Modeling chocolate
by: Carol

I made the modeling chocolate according to your video and am finding it too soft to work with, what did I do wrong?

Aug 24, 2010
Modeling Chocolate
by: Lorelie

Hi How long are you letting it sit before you use it? I let mine sit overnight well wrapped, before I use it. It is actually a little hard until I start working with it. The heat of my hands heats it up a bit until it is perfect for rolling.

I checked the amount of ingredients against the original recipe which is in "Collete's Wedding Cakes Book". It is correct. Sorry you are having trouble with it. Try adding some cocoa or powdered sugar to it if it is still too soft, that should help.

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