Do You Have Modeling Chocolate Questions? 

Many modeling chocolate questions have been answered here. 

First watch the tutorials for making chocolate modeling paste and creating a Rose. 

"Thank you for the time you spend helping us newbies. You explain things in a way that puts us at ease and gives us the confidence to forge ahead".

~Website Visitor~

Video Recipe For Modeling Chocolate

UK Visitors:  Best substitute for corn syrup. 

How to Make a Rose

You can make all kinds of decorations with Modeling chocolate aka Candy Clay. If you would like to see some of the cakes that I've decorated using it join me on Cakes with Lorelie YouTube. This way you won't miss anything. 

Dark Chocolate Rose

I hope this page helps you to get started with chocolate modeling. It's really a very easy recipe and is very simple to work with. Plus it tastes delicious too. Make sure you use a good high quality chocolate and do not use milk chocolate.

Fellow Cake Decorators, DIY Brides and Bakers: Please feel free to add your expertise to the modeling chocolate questions and commentary. Thank You :-) And thank you everyone for all of the nice comments and amazing testimonials.

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Can you use modeling chocolate like fondant?  
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How much ahead of serving time can I decorate the cake with modeling chocolate (you recommend one day - is this the maximum?). And when you take the …

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