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Video Recipe For Modeling Chocolate

Written Tutorial with Pictures

tools needed to make a chocolate rose

One recipe of modeling paste, rolling pin, rose petal cutters, leaf cutters, cocoa, plastic wrap, straw or pencil

chocolate modeling cut outs for a rose

Cut 3 small, 5 medium and 7 large petals for the rose, a few leaves and some thin strips for vines

Cone for the base of the rose

Make a cone as a base for the rose

Thin the edges of the rose petals

Thin out one long edge of each petal between plastic wrap

the beginning of a chocolate rose

The first petal wraps tightly around the tip and the second one wraps around so that it overlaps the first. Furl the edges of each petal if desired

the bud of a chocolate rose

Here it is with three petals

Adding a petal to a chocolate rose

The last petal is being placed on the rose

chocolate rose

Keep the petals in place while the paste drys by crumpling plastic wrap around it. You can also curl the leaves for a more natural look and place them on the plastic wrap to dry.

veining impression mat

Press the leaf onto a WILTON vine mold to make an impression

chocolate leave

The finished leaf

chocolate modeling vine

Twist a thin strip of modeling paste onto a straw or pencil to make vines. Slip them off the straw right away and let them dry.

chocolate modeling rose

The Finished Rose-Leaves and Vines

I hope this page helps you to get started with chocolate modeling. It's really a very easy recipe and is very simple to work with. Plus it tastes delicious too. Make sure you use a good high quality chocolate and do not use milk chocolate.


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