Thawing Modeling Chocolate?

Is there a way of thawing modeling chocolate? I was making a cake for Thanksgiving and I was using a modeling chocolate recipe that said to freeze it for 2 hours. Now I can't get the paste to thaw.

I don't understand why the recipe would ask you to freeze it. I would try to carefully microwave the modeling paste ( a few seconds at a time) and then work it with your hands until it is pliable. If that doesn't work then try my recipe here. Their are two videos, with a modeling chocolate recipe and one that shows making chocolate leaves for a wine themed cake.

I hope this helps. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving;-)

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Refrigerating Modeling Chocolate

by Cheryl

Can I refrigerate a cake that has been covered with modeling chocolate?

Hi Cheryl, I would not recommend refrigerating a cake once covered in modeling chocolate. Chocolate has a tendency to bloom if moisture gets to it. Choose a cake with a filling that will hold up for a day or two outside of the fridge so that you can prepare your cake ahead if need be, cover it with plastic wrap and leave it out.

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Can Modeling Chocolate Be Frozen?

I am decorating a cake ahead of time with modeling chocolate. Can I freeze the cake and if so, will it thaw without damaging the chocolate?

Good question- I have never frozen modeling chocolate. I would do a test run with a small cake.

Or bake, fill, and crumb coat the cakes ahead of time, then finish them off the day before? That is what I do with all of my fondant cakes and with cakes made with modeling chocolate.

You can store the cake once finished in a cool place (I use a spare air conditioned room) and by the time it is served it will be perfectly thawed and at room temperature.

I hope that helps you out. Please let me know how it turns out for you or if you found a better way to do it. My readers and I love good tips, we can all learn from each other.

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Can You Refrigerate Modeling Chocolate

How long can one keep modeling chocolate?
Can it be refrigerated during the cooling process?
What condition should the surface in which modeling chocolate is rolled out on should be prepared? As in corn starch, shortening, or confectionery sugar.

Modeling chocolate can be kept for a weeks as long as it is air tight. I would not refrigerate the modeling chocolate during the cooling process. The steam from the warm chocolate may cause water droplets to form on the mixture. Use cocoa or powdered sugar (I prefer cocoa)

Thanks for your questions I hope this helps.

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