Measurements for Modeling Chocolate


First I want to say thanks so much for this website and letting us ask questions. My question is that I am going to make this recipe tomorrow but can I measure them in cups? I guess what I am asking is how many cups is 10 ounces of chocolate chips. And how many cups are 4 ounces of corn syrup because I know in ounces there is a difference from liquid and solids.

Thanks so much!

ANSWER: Hi, You are very welcome. 10 ounces of chocolate chips is 1 and 1/4 cup. I have a scale and just double checked on that. And The corn syrup measured on my scale is a little under 1/2 a cup. I assume you are using the modeling chocolate recipe on this website?

If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Good luck and please update us on how it goes. What are you making with your chocolate modeling paste?

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WHITE modeling chocolate

by Tee
(Louisville, Ky)

Hello I am trying to make white modeling chocolate because I need to add color to it and would like to know does your 10oz choc and 4oz light corn syrup recipe work for white chocolate as well. From my research online the white choc version always seem to be different. I have tried so many recipes and I just can't seem to get it right. Thanks for any help.

Hi Tee, Yes you can substitute white chocolate for the dark. Try this ratio though. 4 ounces of white chocolate to 3 tablespoons of light corn syrup. You can double or triple, But I would start with a small amount to make sure. This ratio comes from "The Simple Art Of Perfect Baking" by Flo Braker. See my baking book reviews for recommendations.
Good Luck and please let us know how it went by commenting here on this page.

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Plastic Chocolate Amount

by Rosie

What quantity of plastic chocolate would I need to wrap around a three tier cake?

Hi Rosie. I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have been a little distracted by my ebook, which I just finished yesterday.

Here is a recipe that is slightly different then mine. It's called plastic chocolate and it is from A Piece of Cake by Susan Purdy. 7 ounces chocolate (200 grams) chopped fine.
1/4 cup(2 ounces)light corn syrup
Unsweetened cocoa.

This recipe will cover a 9 x 3 inch high cake. So you will have to decide how many times to multiply this.

The chocolate modeling paste that I have on this website calls for 10 ounces of chocolate and 4 ounces of corn syrup.

And here is the link to Wedding Cakes With Lorelie Step-by-Step Volume 1

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