Chocolate Modelling

by Rose

Hi, I wonder how to cover a cake with chocolate modeling. Because my chocolate modeling is a kind of cracking when I color it. What am I doing wrong?


Hi Rose, I am not sure why this is happening Maybe you should try purchasing it online pre made. Try Candyland Crafts. And if they do not have it you can search it to find a good modeling chocolate product. I will post your question so that hopefully someone will come along and be able to answer it. I am assuming it is white chocolate? Try The bakers Kitchen. I know they have this product in the photo above and it is not too expensive.

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Jan 29, 2011
Cracking modeling chocolate
by: Sue

I had the same issue with my modeling chocolate cracking on the edges. If you use too much confectioner's sugar or cocoa on a non sticking surface it will begin to dry out the chocolate and cause this to happen.

Kneed your chocolate until it is very soft and pliable. Lay down some wax or parchment paper and if it's not extra wide, tape the two sections together for a huge piece.

Put your chocolate down and press it fairly flat. Place another piece of paper on the top and roll until it's thin and big enough to cover the cake with extra overhang. Trim off the overhang and mold the chocolate to the cake like you would fondant.

I find chocolate much easier and much more tasty to work with. If the chocolate doesn't roll well because it's too dry add a little corn syrup on your finger tips at a time until it softens and holds together.

Hope this helps.

Jan 30, 2011
Thanks for your helpful input Sue!
by: Lorelie

Thank you Sue for your very detailed and helpful commentary on this post and on the oily chocolate post. I appreciate it so much. Happy Cake Decorating to us all! :-)

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