What brand of chocolate for modeling paste?

by Kayla
(Largo Fl)

Ghirardelli Brand

Ghirardelli Brand

HELP!!!I need to know what brand of chocolate is best when making modeling chocolate!!!! Hi Kayla. As long it is of high quality it does not matter. But I personally like Ghirardelli brand for my modeling paste. What are you using it for? Are you making figurines? covering a cake? roses?

Make sure that you use either a bittersweet or a semi sweet . And please don't be shy about asking more questions regarding cake decorating techniques, baking, frosting and cake recipes. Thanks and I hope that helps.


by: Colleen

I usually use Merken's in the wafer form. They melt easily and taste wonderful. They come in dark , semi sweet, milk, white and off white. And they are priced reasonably.

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Bakers Chocolate For Modeling Paste?

by Beverly
(Glasgow KY. USA)

What kind of chocolate do I buy? Bakers chocolate? I don't know.

Hi Beverly,
Bakers chocolate will do just fine. Any semi sweet chocolate like Bakers or in my case, I prefer Ghirardelli. Just use a quality name that you trust.

Good luck. I am going to add instructions to the page because I get sooo many questions about it. It seems intimidating if you have never done it but it is the simplest thing to make and work with. Your going to love it.

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by Amelia
(Dallas, TX)

Hi, I saw your video on chocolate modeling, and it does help out a lot, Thank you for that!, but I do still have one question. On the chocolate, what kind?, can it be semi sweet?

Thank you so much!


Hi Amelia, Your welcome I am so glad that the video helped. I use Ghirardelli brand bittersweet chocolate for the most part. You can use semisweet as well or a combination of the two. The semi sweet is a little sweeter then the bittersweet.

Thanks for visiting my website and I hope to hear from you again. Happy New Year!!!


White modelling chocolate
by: Nickola

Hi, your video makes it look really simple, will give it a go. I just wanted to know, if using white chocolate, what would be the proportion and what type if chocolate should I use. Also for how long can it keep kept and does it need to be refrigerated.



Hi Nikola, I use Ghirardelli white chocolate. Just make sure you use a high quality one. I believe you would use the same quantity of white chocolate as the dark.

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