Chocolate ruffle wedding cake

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Hi, I want to make a chocolate ruffle wedding cake. Do I use modeling choc or do I use just chocolate on a work top and scrap it along whilst it is setting if that makes sense.

Hello, I believe you mean a large ruffle on top of the cake as in this beautiful photo from Let me recommend a great book to you. Making chocolate ruffles is a complex but doable process according to Rose Levy Beranbaum. Her book, The Cake Bible, is a staple in my kitchen and has been for over 25 years. You may already have it in your collection.

If not I highly suggest it as she came up with an easier way to make chocolate ruffles after years of running into problems trying to temper the chocolate the traditional way.

Another suggestion is to purchase or make modeling chocolate and give it a try. In which case you will roll out the paste and cut it, then ruffle it as if it was fabric. I have not done this yet. So hopefully someone will come along and help us out. Thanks for visiting.

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First time using modeling chocolate

Do you leave modeling chocolate out to set or in the fridge?

Leave the modeling chocolate out of the refrigerator. Just wrap it once it is cooled and place it in a cool place. There is no need to refrigerate the chocolate modeling paste. Think of it as a Tootsie roll.

Have you seen the video instructions?

The video is at the bottom of the Chocolate modeling questions page.

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Modeling Chocolate On Baby Shower Cake

by Beth

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. It really means a lot!!

Okay so, my mom asked me to do a baby shower cake as a surprise for a lady she works with. As far as I know she loves chocolate so, I thought I would use modeling chocolate.

I have used fondant on a few cakes and really like it. (when it works out)I watched your youtube video and I know you said to use 10oz of chocolate and 4oz of Karo corn syrup.. but how much does that make? I am making a 2 layer 8" round cake is that enough to cover the whole thing?

My second question is after you wrap it in the plastic and let it cool, will it be easy to roll out? Is there anything special you have to do? I have a busy weekend and she needs it by Monday. I need it to be as easy as possible. =D I will be using a wooden rolling pin and a fondant mat. Again Thank you so much in advance for helping me! I will have to send you a picture when i am done! I will look forward to hearing from you!



Hi Beth, The recipe on Youtube makes about 1 cup. I would multiply it by at least two.

The paste will seem hard at first, but will soften from the warmth of your hands when you start to work with it. Put a small amount of cocoa or powdered sugar on the surface that you will be working on. Roll it out with your rolling pin to the desired thickness. I would probably suggest doing your quilt design on the quilt design on modeling chocolate question below.

Its really not difficult to work with I think you will be happy with the results.

Good luck!

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Quilt Design on Modeling Chocolate?

I'm sorry to write you again but I forgot to ask one more question. Is it possible to make a quilted effect on a cake covered in Modeling Chocolate? Have you ever done it? I have a whole set of tools that includes a quilting tool so, would that be something I can use?

Thank you again


Hi Beth, I would say yes to that. When I made the leaves for my wine themed cake I used tools to imprint lines into the leaves. Do it while the chocolate is still softish though. Why don't you do a sample cake and try out some cake decorating techniques. Can you submit a photo when you are done? Just use the submission form and I can add it to your posts. Thanks and good luck

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Steam modeling chocolate ?

Can you steam modeling choc to fix small imperfections?

I really don't know the answer to this one. Let me ask my friends on my weddingcakesforyou facebook page. They usually can answer the ones I cannot. I am thinking no because the water may react with the chocolate. And i don't see anything in my books here. Hopefully we will get some answers. Stay tuned.


Modeling Chocolate Fixes
by: Kalli Cakes

What kind of imperfections? Usually just the heat of your hands will smooth out some imperfections...steam may just melt it? Maybe a knife or smooth surface that is warmed up a bit should work. I use a bowl scraper to smooth out my modeling chocolate when trying to make a round object with modeling chocolate--that smooths out lots of imperfections, but on a larger scale.

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Modeling chocolate for a wedding cake

by Cynthia

Question: Can I use Modeling chocolate for a wedding in December in Durban? It could be hot and humid.

Answer: Hi thanks for visiting. I think that you will be fine with using modeling chocolate for a wedding cake in December. I just searched Durban. Wow! so you are in Africa? I suppose that is why it is hot in December:-)

It may get a little sticky in which case you would add a little more powdered sugar or cocoa onto your kneading surface or your hands while working with it.

Give it a try and let us know how your modeling chocolate works out for you. If you want to you can submit a photo of your finished cake at my wedding cake photos page.

Good luck!


Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your very prompt answer to my question. I will definitely give it a try. One other thing, probably a silly question - I assume one would use baking chocolate? Cynthia

Baking chocolate?
by: Lorelie

Your welcome. I use bittersweet or semi sweet baking chocolate. Semi sweet is a little sweeter. Good luck.

Thank you again.
by: Cynthia

Hi Lorelie,
Thank you once again! So impressed at the prompt reply.
Regards, Cynthia.

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Working With Modeling Chocolate

by Jennifer

I have a question about working with modeling chocolate. How long after you make the modeling chocolate can you start working with it?

Hi Jennifer, The modeling chocolate should be wrapped and put in a cool place for 45 -60 minutes. After firming up the "plastic chocolate " should be rolled and folded a few times to develop the plasticity.

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Modeling Chocolate As Fondant

by Zaynab
(New Zealand)

Hi, how are you?

Can I use Modeling Chocolate as fondant to cover a cake. Thank you

Hi Zaynab, I'm fine and how are you? Glad to hear from you again. To answer your question, yes you can use modeling chocolate to cover a cake. I have to admit I have not used it in this way though. I have made large fondant grape leaves around the sides of a cake and modeling chocolate roses for decoration. Read this post to basically the same question.You will find a great tip about mixing fondant and modeling chocolate and a helpful video from my Youtube channel.

Thank you Zaynab.

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Modeling Chocolate Shapes

by Rabby

How long can you keep modeling chocolate after you mold it into the shape you need it to be.


Modeling chocolate gets semi hard once you shape it. In general once you shape the paste it will stay fresh for probably a few weeks if you wrap it and keep it as air tight as possible. It's basically the same as a Tootsie Roll and they last for a long time wrapped in waxed paper.

So if you are going to make a ribbon for around a cake you would use it right away by wrapping it around the cake.

If you were planning a bow made with modeling chocolate then you let it set until it is semi hardened and then place it on the cake.

I hope that answers your question.

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When making modeling chocolate, how long should it set before you can use it?

by Becky Shelly
(Naples, FL)

Question:When making modeling chocolate,how long should it set before you can use it?

Answer: Hi Becky,Thanks for your inquiry and for visiting my wedding cake website. I make my modeling chocolate the day before. Let the chocolate sit for at least a few hours and test it out. But you may want to make it a day ahead to be sure.

If anyone reading this has another suggestion please feel free to respond and add your advice. Thanks!

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