Modeling Chocolate On An Ice Cream Cake?

Can you use modeling chocolate on an ice cream cake?

Hi, Thanks for visiting. Interesting question. I asked my Facebook friends at Wedding Cakes For You Facebook and got two great answers.

One from Nickie Huennekens. Here is what she suggested.
"Unless you are planning to use it as a separate decoration piece, this would probably be really difficult. Modeling chocolate needs to be warmer than ice cream to be flexible enough to cover a cake, so the chocolate winds up melting the ice cream... even if you're quick about it and re-freeze the cake immediately, you will still get ice-crystals forming under the chocolate.

I've done it with fondant when the ice cream cake is deep DEEP frozen, but even then you have to work very quickly and use fondant that is thicker than I prefer to deal with the ridges and imperfections in the ice cream's surface.

The only other thing I've seen done that looks good is to cover your ice cream cake with buttercream and then use planks or waves of thin modeling chocolate that sets up in the buttercream like siding or shingles."

Colleen Charles says
"If it's just some decorations it would be okay, but not covering a cake with it and put it in the freezer; I'm afraid it might crack. Covering it after you've frozen the cake probably wouldn't work either because the icing would be frozen and I don't think it would stick.

All you could do is a test cake but sometimes a small test cake that works but the big one doesn't. I cover most of my ice cream cakes with either Cool Whip, Stabilized whipped cream or even IMBC. Italian Meringue Buttercream

Here is a fondant recipe.

Thanks Colleen and Nickie :-)

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