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Apr 30, 2018
Carrot wedding cake
by: Anonymous

Hi, I received a request to bake a 3tier carrot wedding cake, but they want me to cover it with cream cheese fronting and then with fondant over the frosting? Is this possible? My question is... is the carrot cake tot too heavy for a 3tier wedding cake and would the fondant not slide/melt off from the cream cheese as its very soft?

May 02, 2018
Cream cheese and fondant
by: Lorelie

Hi,The dowels will hold the weight of your cake tiers. Fondant won't slide of, but I would do a crumb layer of the cream cheese and then do a regular coating of buttercream. You can then cover your cakes with fondant. I've not done fondant over cream cheese frosting before. But I believe it would work. I feel more comfy suggesting buttercream though.

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