Chocolate Mousse Filling and Fondant

by Lecia
(Cape Town South Africa)

Help. I have made your chocolate buttercream cake with chocolate mousse filling. I have already crumb coated and frozen the cakes. It is Wednesday, the wedding is Saturday. I need to cover with fondant and decorate on Thursday or Friday.

Now I have just read that it is not recommended to fill cakes with chocolate mousse for a fondant covered cake. What should I do. Please help. My name is Lecia

Hi Lecia, Before putting the fondant on your cake, let your cake thaw a little. If it is ice cold it may cause condensation to form on the fondant. The next best thing to do in this case is to store your fondant cake in a sturdy box, taped and covered well, with plastic to keep the cake as dry as possible. ( You can use a plastic bag.)

Hopefully you can fit the cake within a box in your fridge. If not then cover the cake with plastic as best as you can. Or store each tier individually in smaller boxes.

On the day of the wedding, remove the boxed cake from the refrigerator and let it slowly come to room temperature.(in the box)

The worst thing that can happen is the fondant will appear shiny from condensation. When you have a cold cake in a warmer room little droplets of water can form and it will appear to be sweating. The cake may end up with a shiny surface instead of Matte. Some people like it this way and purposely try to get the shine. If that happens it will slowly dissipate. Do not try to wipe it off.

Warning on colored fondant. If you are using colored fondant for decorations, the colors will run if the cake is exposed to moisture. Hold off on adding them until you set up the cake at the venue.

Good luck and please let me know how it went. Send a photo of it and share your cake decorating experience.


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Dec 15, 2011
by: kimmy NZ

Hi I think you might be talking about the filling not being strong enough and you sometimes get a bulge. This has happened to me. When I first started and it was a two tire. I had already done the top cake and noticed the weight had squished my layers and showed as a ring bulge under the fondant. I was lucky as I decorated over it.

This was in my days of not knowing I could freeze my cake. I was able to squish down the bottom layers, allow it to squish out and re-edge my cake. With all the cake filled and covered, even with a thin center, I don't think it was noticed.

Not that long ago on You tube, I did see a lady that edged her cake with a strong frosting. This was a bit like a strong wall with the softer frosting in the center.

I don't think this is really helpful but at least you have an idea what you are dealing with and maybe come up with an idea. If it was me and a wedding cake is very special and a lot of work for you. I think I might split it scrap the middle a little and pop something stronger inside.

Good luck.

Dec 15, 2011
chocolate Mousse filling and fondent
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your posts. Fortunately I have a big family and they were only too keen to take the cake off my hands as I just did not feel happy with the results. I have started from scratch.

Lady from New Zealand, thank you for your input if I had only gotten your post earlier as I had already parted ways with the cake.

I am doing the cake for a family who cannot afford to engage a professional chef and as I was playing with the idea of doing this as a business and hobby venture I decided to give it a bash. I have made pretty gumpaste accessories already for the cake and as soon as I have completed it I will post a pic.

Wish me luck. i am going to attempt to cover with fondant tonight and decorate tomorrow as couple would like to collect then.
Kind regards

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