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by Roderick
(California )

My Blodgett convection oven in my home /commercial kitchen

My Blodgett convection oven in my home /commercial kitchen

I'm looking to start my own commercial cake bakery. I'm looking at purchasing a double stacked convection gas oven. I'm currently working out of a standard conventional electric oven with great results. I need to ramp up my production daily.

What is your experience/ results with gas convection ovens? I read blogs and they say don't use convection for butter cakes.

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Nov 07, 2017
Gas Convection Oven
by: Lorelie

Hi Roderick, I am sorry this is coming back to you so late. I do want to answer your question because it may help someone else.

People are wary of the convection because the air blowing in the oven can affect the cakes by literally blowing the tops lopsided. I also think if you are used to the regular ovens it does take a while to get used to the air convection.

I had a commercial blodgett convection for years and I loved it. I then worked in a place where they had the double ovens one atop the other. They cook the cakes faster and that is a good thing when you are doing quantity.

I have always used gas so I can't comment on them versus electric.

I now have a small home convection, standard size that I love. You will need to use a lower temperature. I go 25 degrees lower in mine.

I made butter cakes very successfully in my commercial oven. I highly recommend them for large quantity baking. You will have to have special wiring and a heating duct installed as well. Good luck. By now you will have made your decision and if you do see this post please let us know how you are doing.

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