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Jan 18, 2017
question on cream cheese icing
by: Audrey

When you prepared your frosting, you make a big batch to fill the layers of the cake + ice the cake to avoid crumbs and then ice it. If you need putting the cake in the fridge between one step and the next to have it firm up, how do you store the icing so it keeps the right consistency? If at room temperature it can go runnym and if in the fridge it's too hard to pipe...?! What do you do then? Many thanks!

Nov 07, 2017
Answer on Cream Cheese Frosting
by: Lorelie

I either store it at room temperature if it's overnight, or I refrigerate it and then let it come to room temp before using. You can also microwave small amounts at a time if you're in a rush and it's still cold and hard. If it's too soft than give it an ice bath. You can also take ice packs and rub the ice on the outside of the bowl and stir it at intervals to get it just right. Tricky stuff. But delicious. Sorry for the huge delay in answering this question. I hope you were able to get an answer and come up with a solution.

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