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Feb 21, 2013
Cream cheese filling
by: Lonny

Hello, thank you for the comments here, very useful to know!
This might be a silly question but what do you mean by 'crum coating'? Is it cake crums mixed with the cream cheese icing that you spread on the cake before the buttercream icing?

Also how many days the finished cake (covered in fondant) will last?

Many thanks!


Feb 22, 2013
crumb coating
by: Lorelie

Hi Lony, Its not a dumb question. I could see where you would think that you add crumbs to the icing etc. Here is a page with lots of info about the crumb coating The crumb coat(sometimes called dirty icing, is a layer of buettrcream or ganache to HOLD the crumbs in place, so that when you finish the cake with the top coat it won't get crumbs in it. The crumb coat acts sort of as a cement or glue.
A fondant cake can last for 2-3 days outside the fridge as long as the filling is safe. I use buttercream or ganache for those cakes. No mousse or anything fragile like that.

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