DIY Bride cake question

by Ashley

I want to make mini cakes as the wedding favor for my wedding. I will have approx. 150 guests. How long will the cakes stay fresh if I pre make them?

I will be using buttercream frosting for the cakes and putting them in little boxes.

Lorelie's Response

Hi Ashley, Congratulations.

How cool that you are making your own mini cakes. Not knowing all of the details I will assume that you are making a sheet cake, cutting it into small pieces, frosting them and then placing them into a wedding cake favor box?

Or you may be baking individual little cakes. Which would be a lot more work. Cupcakes would be appropriate for this too.

If you are doing the sheet you can bake the cake as far as a couple of weeks ahead. Make sure that you wrap it very well in several layers of plastic wrap before freezing. If you do not want to freeze the cake, then bake it no sooner then a few days ahead and then wrap and refrigerate.

A day or even two days prior to the date cut the cake into small pieces frost, decorate and box. You will want to put a piece of parchment paper on either side of the exposed part of the cake piece, similar to what you would see in a deli. This will keep the cake part from drying out. The buttercream part will be fine.

If you choose to make individual cakes, say the cupcakes for instance, you can also bake them ahead. Wrap each one in a couple of layers of plastic and refrigerate or freeze them. Two days prior frost and box. The cupcake paper holders will keep the cake part fresh and the buttrercream on top will be fine, plus will hold the moisture in the cupcakes.

Here is what I did for I did this for my sons wedding favors.

Since they were not decorated, just iced, I wrapped each piece of cake in plastic to keep them fresh. The guests were thrilled that they got to take home a piece of the luscious Chocolate Stout Cake with chocolate mousse filling and buttercream icing.

Good luck and please come back to Wedding Cakes For You to post your success story. All of us would be thrilled if you would post pictures of the process of your wedding cake favor making experience on the DIY invitation page. Thank you for visiting and asking a great question that has not been asked before.

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