Expiration Of A Cake

by Sarah
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Hi there,

I was wondering if there was any way of determining the expiration of a cake because I don't know how to tell or calculate it.

Hi Sarah,

Generally a frosted cake will keep for a week in the fridge well covered with plastic wrap. You kind of have to use your own judgment, because all cakes are not created equally. A moist carrot cake would last longer than a fluffy white cake(which tends to dry out faster).

A cake will last a long time if you freeze it well wrapped. The cake toppers that my brides eat a year later are still fresh enough to eat. (although I wouldn't normally recommend a whole year in the freezer).

You can use your nose, mouth and eyes to smell, taste and see if the cake is fresh. But generally 1 week.

Frozen cakes I give a month or two. (Unless of course it's the cake topper of a wedding cake). It's just traditional to save that and eat it on the one year anniversary.

These are just general guidelines to follow, not written in stone, so use your own judgment.

Happy baking and cake decorating and thanks for visiting and contributing to Wedding cakes For you!


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Jun 21, 2010
How to prepare a cake for freezing?
by: Pearloso

Hi I would love some advice on how to prepare a cake for freezing. I have read to first allow cake to cool than wrap the cake in aluminum foil and than freeze. Or wrap in aluminum foil and plastic than freeze. Do you warp in foil or plastic? Please advise, Thank you...Sandy

Jun 21, 2010
To prepare cakes for the freezer
by: Lorelie

Hi Sandy,
Here is the ideal way to store your frozen cakes.
Once the cakes are cooled completely, you can put them on a cardboard disk, if needed. Then wrap the layer with plastic or foil. (I prefer plastic and then sometimes I use foil over that.)

Here is a tip from A Piece of Cake by Susan G. Purdy. For extra protection(if you are freezing for a more than a few weeks.) Put the layers inside of a heavy duty garbage bag. Gather the ends of the bag and put it into your mouth and suck out all of the air, then wire the bag tightly closed.

You may also prefer to use freezer paper and heavy duty foil folded in double folds to exclude all air, in place of the garbage bag. Either way the wrap sssshould be airtight.

I hope this helps.


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