Filling a cake?

by Terri
(Staten Island NY)

Buttecream filling

Buttecream filling


I am new to fondant cake decorating, but I absolutely love it. I want to make my sons 2 yr old birthday cake and was wondering what is a good cake filling recipe to use before covering it with fondant.

Do I have to use butter cream frosting? Or can I use whipped cream? Also can I freeze either one already frosted and filled until I am ready to decorate it? I want to fill with either cream and use bananas or strawberries!


Hi Terri,

I would recommend butter cream frosting as a filling because once you put fondant on the cake it should not be refrigerated. Whipped cream won't keep under those conditions.

Butter cream will be fine for a couple of days, once the cake decorating fondant is placed over the cake. Just cover lightly with plastic wrap and store in a cool but not cold place. (I store mine in the basement where it's cool well covered in plastic)

Yes you can freeze the cakes once filled and then thaw before enrobing it. The fresh fruit texture may change after freezing and thawing but it will still taste great.

If you plan on freezing the cake beforehand just thaw it in the fridge before covering it. If the fondant gets too cold (from the frozen cake) and the temperature of the air around it is warmer it will start to bead up with moisture. If you are using colored fondant decorations the colors will leak and make a mess.(Been there done that) I had to redo all of the decorations. Not fun!

Hope this helps!

Happy Cake Decorating! Feel free to ask more questions if you need more help. Please send a photo of your finished cake I will add it to your post.

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