Fondant Cake Decorating

Have you always wanted to try fondant cake decorating but it was a little scary or you weren't sure where to begin? Embellishing a cake with fondant might seem intimidating at first, but if you read along and give it a try you will see that with a little patience and practice it is really not so difficult.

Fondant wrapped cake

There are a few easy fondant cake decorating ideas on this page for you, including the one above. It's a simple wrap made with fondant. The video is right below and queued up for you to the wrapping portion of the tutorial. Here is the Sugar Veil Brooches Long Mat that I used to create the beautiful textured design.

More Fondant Cake Decorating Ideas

Creating a fondant wave pattern is another beautiful way to wrap a cake with sugarpaste. Vibrant fresh flowers top this beautiful wedding cake and fill the nooks in between the layers.  The video is queued up to the fondant part of the cake construction. 

"By the way, your tip about not adding milk to the buttercream was fantastic. I used it under the last fondant cake I made. It held in place beautifully even though the cake was moved around quite a bit. There was no bulging and nothing ran out from under the fondant" . ~Laura Clavera~

Questions about fondant? Go to the Q&A page.

How to Make Fondant Drapes

Fondant drapes are gorgeous on a wedding cake. You can add them for a touch of elegance on a small cake as well. This video will walk you through how to make them. Even though the tutorial is an older one the method is the same. 

Fondant Pillow Cake Idea

Here is a beautiful fondant cake decorating idea for you. A pillow cake. The  creative possibilities are endless with a cake like this. The video is below the photo for you. 

pillow cake

Moroccan Style Fondant Pillow Cake

Not too hard to do at all. Especially if you do one side first like I show you in the video. Turn the cake over and drape the other side. The seam is then covered with a braided piece (or use a mold) like I show you in the video. Decorate to your hearts content with ruffles, or pieces of fondant pressed onto a sugar veil pattern. Brush with gold for a regal touch.  

Fondant Cake Decorating & Royal Icing

The fondant cake decorating technique which combines sugar paste and piped royal icing is not as difficult as it looks and has a lovely effect. 

The ribbons are made ahead and dried, then placed on the cake with a dab of royal icing. Little silver dragees are a part of the design and echo the dotted Swiss composition on the bottom tier. (difficult to see in this old vintage photo 

A Little Australian Cake Decorating

I have come across an Australian website, where the owner has devoted a section to the art of Cake Decorating – the way it is commonly done in Australia. Buttercream is not popular in Australia due to the humidity and heat, but most professional cake decorators there are very comfortable working with fondant. 

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