Filling a wedding cake

by Wanita
(Seaford, DE)

Hi I am new to your page. I am making my sons wedding cake. It will be a 14 10 and 6 inch and 2 inch deep. The top tier they will be keeping. I am not sure the fillings yet but my question is do I make two layers of each and torte them makin it 3 layers of filling? In other words it will be cake, filling, cake, filling, cake......OR do I just make 2 cakes and fill the middle. Does this make sense?


Hi Wanita, Sorry this took so long, I have been on vacation in Florida. Congratulations on your son's wedding and I am assuming your first wedding cake adventure.

To answer your question, you can choose to do it either a three layer or two layered. I would recommend if this is your first time to keep it simple and do two layers with one layer of filling.

I have a few tips for you. When filling your cakes pipe a dam of buttercream around the bottom layer(outer edge) before placing the filling. This will act as a glue. You may also want to consider using buttercream as a filling.

Another tip: Freeze the cakes (or at least get them very chilled before working with them. Have you seen my ebook? This gives you all of the steps to follow with pictures. Here is the link to the Step-by-Step book.

Do you have the recipes picked out already? If not check out the ones here or in the book. They are the ones I have used for over 25 years and are delicious. They are all made from scratch.

Good luck with your sons wedding cake and if you have more questions just post below this one.

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