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Snowhip and High Ratio Flour?

by Zaynab Abbas
(New Zealand)

High Ratio Flour

High Ratio Flour

Hi how are you? It's me again.

Could you please tell me what snowhip is??
I would love to make Meringue Buttercream, In the recipe it says add Snowhip!!! I don't now what snowhip is? I googled it I didn't get anything useful.

Hi Zaynab, Welcome back! For the first question, I had never heard of snowhip before this. I am assuming it's a slang word for meringue powder, but I could not find anything either online. It does get mentioned here and there in forums but its hard to track down the actual post.

Why don't you follow my meringue buttercream recipe. I highlighted it at the top of this page. In the meantime someone who does know what snowhip is may come along and enlighten us.

Second Question

I would like to make a cake that calls for high ratio flour. I asked and searched for high ratio flour. A friend of mine told me it's a flour that already has a baking powder so we don't have to add baking powder. But I don't think that's true because in the recipe it's asking us to use baking power.

Could you please tell me what is a high ratio flour ?

Thank you very much

For your second question
- High ratio flour is a specially processed flour that has an increased ability to hold liquids. This can improve the quality of a cake because it allows you (the baker) to use a high ratio of sugar eggs and milk or water resulting in a fine textured cake with a finer crumb.


by: Jenn

Snowhip is a Bakels product, I believe it is a Kiwi version of Crisco.

by: Lorelie

Thank you Jen :-)

Picture from gf food service

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Cake flour, pastry flour or all purpose flour

I was wondering if I should buy cake or pastry flour instead of all purpose. Many recipes including yours call for all purpose flour and since there is a huge difference in flour quality what would you recommend. I feel if the flour is not fresh and the best quality (as well as the other ingredients)chances are the baked goods will not be as good. Your input will be greatly appreciated!

Hi All-purpose flour is still a high-quality flour. It is just not as fine as cake or pastry flour. Use what the recipe calls for unless you are good at tweaking recipes. Buy a good brand and you will be fine. You can always sift the flour once to make it a little lighter before using it. Hope that helps.

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