Flower Pot Cake

by Kimmy NZ
(New Zealand.)

Birthday Roses

Birthday Roses

This flower pot cake cake was for a ladies Birthday who had a love of gardening with her Roses being a favourite.

The cake and the flower pot were made of chocolate cake. I had to carve the pot, so I saved all the cake to crumble and make soil. I added white, candy pearls to the soil to look like the real potting soil we get from a garden centre.

I dusted the pot with brown and orange petal dust until it looked a little dirty. I started the roses weeks before and wired them into a bunch. I used a plastic straw pushed into the cake and then pushed the roses into it.

I also made the fondant flowers and buds in advance. These where attached with green royal icing and I finished with some extra royal icing around the flowers.

To make the little garden spade, I shaped it onto a serving spoon, leaving a thick part at the neck with a point. When it was dry, I then made the handle and pushed the point into it.

The cake was a lot of work and a photo doesn’t do it justice really. It was a really nice little cake to make.

Lorelie's Response Kimmy, I am sure your gardening client was thrilled with her VERY special confection. The roses are superb and the tools and pot look completely realistic.

Amazing!!! Great tips here. I love the flower pot idea. The little pearls in the dirt would really add to it looking very true to life. I love the details that you create with your designs. From the spade to the roses you have done a fantastic job here. The little flowers on the side are sweet too. Are they made of gumpaste? or fondant?

Here is a link to the luster dust and all of the colors to choose from at Candyland Crafts.

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Oct 07, 2013
Fondant flowers.
by: kimmy NZ

I have never used Gum paste. The roses are made of fondant with tylose added. If I am going for a real look I make the roses over 3 days.

Make centres in the morning then the first 5 petals that evening. Another layer the next morning and so on.

I always mix petal dust with cornflour and layer the colour until it is correct and shaded. I may use full colour for the very tips of petals to finish.

The Flowers on the sides are just straight fondant. The buds are simple - a little tear drop of pink. A tear drop shape of green - cut with scissors to make two leaf shapes to pop the pink bud into the centre of the green fondant. Allow to dry before adding to cake with green royal icing.

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