Fondant Birthday Cake

by Elva Baez

A Birthday Present Fondant Cake by Michael Gonya

A Birthday Present Fondant Cake by Michael Gonya

I am making a birthday cake for my sister-in-law in fondant but I am really on a tight schedule . She would like the cake for the 21st of May, and on that day I am decorating a wedding cake too.

My question is how many day's ahead can I make the birthday cake including the fondant. How long can it be refrigerated to be fresh for that special day? I guess in other words how long will the fondant stay in the refrigerator and is there anything special I should do so it looks beautiful for that day.

Hi Elva,

The cakes themselves can be baked a couple of weeks ahead if necessary as long as you wrap and freeze them. I usually bake at the beginning of the week, freeze, then fill and put back in the freezer. A day or two ahead of the event I will crumb coat, final frost and decorate.

The fondant can be made ahead as well, but be careful to wrap very well and place in airtight containers. You may have to microwave for a few seconds to get the fondant soft enough to work with.

Once the birthday cake is enrobed with the fondant I don't recommend refrigerating it. So the fondant needs to go on no sooner than a day or two before the event. (The reason for this is that the fondant will absorb moisture and become soft and slightly gooey and shiny)

Your filling choice should be one that will be safe to leave out of the fridge I use various flavored buttercream with fondant cakes. Keep the cake in a box in a cool place.

Good Luck with your fondant birthday cake and the wedding cake.

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