Ganache wedding cake

by Genievive
(New Zealand)

Two tier textured ganache wedding cake

Two tier textured ganache wedding cake


I love your site and wondered if you could help me with decorating a wedding cake with white chocolate ganache. The bride wants a textured "pleating" effect in ganache on a three tier cake for 80 people. Any tips please gratefully received. Many thanks.

Hi Genievive,

Thank you :-)First off do you have a good recipe for white chocolate ganache? I have used my dark chocolate ganache for many cakes, but have not had a request for a white chocolate ganache in all of my years doing this, believe it or not.

You would use the same method as the dark chocolate ganache recipe only using white chocolate instead.

Once you get your ganache to the correct consistency for piping, try using a large rose tip to make the pleats or a basket tip(smooth side up so you don't get the basket weave effect.)

I recently did this with a cake, but my pleats were horizontal. It looks like yours are vertical. I found it tricky and ended up with more of a ruffled effect. It still looked pretty though.

You will need to practice this and have a very steady hand. My best advice is to try it on a practice cake and try to perfect it.
If you are doing a three tier I would probably go with a 12 bottom cake and an 8 inch center cake and a 4 inch top. Possibly having a side cake as well just to be sure.

Let me know how it goes and if you want to you can upload a picture of it and a story or enter it in the ongoing Cake Decorating Contest.

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Aug 27, 2010
White Ganache wedding cake
by: Genevieve

Thanks Lorelei. I will certainly try with a large rose tip and see how that works. I had another closer look at the picture and wondered if perhaps the ganache (at piping consistency)was smoothed all over with a palette knife and then with a smaller pallette knife, gently push the ganache, say from left to right working backwards?? The folds on the cake board are not evenly spaced, so it kind of looks like its done with a knife. What do you think? I look forward to your thoughts. G

Aug 27, 2010
Spatula idea
by: Lorelie

Hi Genevieve,
Yes the spatula idea is a possibility. It's hard for me to see the details but that may be a better option. I guess you can just try both and see which one works best.
Good luck. Keep me updated ok?

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