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Gothic Wedding Cakes 

Gothic Wedding Cakes and Cool Dark Ideas

If you're anything like me...I suspect that every so often you want to try something a little offbeat, or learn a new cake decorating skill. Well... I along with a few other brave souls in my Facebook cake group recently took on a cake challenge. We created Gothic wedding cakes with a purple and black color theme. Since Halloween was approaching it seemed the perfect fit. 

I hope these get you excited enough to try your hand at developing new cake decorating skills.

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Watch the Video

Link to the video on YouTube

Gothic Wedding Cakes Are Gothlicious!

First Photo: Pretty poppy flowers with sugar beaded centers, soft lavender sugar veil lace wrapping the bottom tier.  Matte black fondant and creamy buttercream are merged into one design.

Purple and black gothic style wedding cakeGothic Style

The bejeweled antiqued silver cake stand has a hint of vintage and looks almost as if it was created exclusively for this cake. 

The lace is made using an edible mix called sugar veil and a patterned mold. I posted below for you a video from the creator of this product so you can follow her direction if you decide to try it. 

Oh My Goth!

Purple and Black Gumpaste FlowersSugar Poppies

Photo above: The fantasy poppy flowers are made with gumpaste and Wilton petal cutters. The centers are silver mini metallic beads by Twinkles Baker Decor. You can find Twinkles on Facebook.  If you would like to learn more about gumpaste flowers and see a few tutorials that I have made about them here is the link 

The Dark Queen Gothic Wedding Cake

Halloween Gothic Style Wedding CakeDarkness

Sherri Ferguson Riehl of Make A Wish Cakes is the creator of "The Dark Queen". The crown and the vampire cape collar are made of modeling chocolate, which is edged in gorgeous black sugar lace.

The top tier is brushed with grey luster dust to give it that weathered appearance with royal icing vines and leaves trailing down the sides. The cake flavor is a decadent apple flavored cake with fresh apple filling. Now that is unique. 

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Sugar Veil

In case you are wondering what sugar veil is or would like to try it I am sharing this video from the creator. It's a lovely way to add edible ribbons or lace and a touch of professionalism to any cake design. 

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