How long can my cake be out of the fridge on the day of my wedding?

by Elizabeth
(Salina, Kansas)

So, I am planning to do a dessert table for my wedding. More cakes/cupcakes than anything but I will also have brownies and cheesecake.

I am planning to do some cakes with buttercream frosting and some with cream cheese frosting. I plan to make and freeze the cakes ahead of time then pull them out and frost them a day or two before the wedding.

I read that buttercream can crack after pulling out of the fridge...can i throw a premade batch of the frosting in the fridge and use that the day of?, when I have them decorated and move them to the reception hall the day before or day of, how long can they stay out of the fridge? My wedding is at 2pm followed by a cocktail hour at 3:15 and the actual reception starts at 4:45, so the cake cutting and eating will not occur until 6:30 or 7.

So, when can I put them out and how long is it okay for them to be out of the fridge?

Lorelie's Response

Hi Elizabeth,
Yes you can make a batch of buttercream ahead of time and pull it out the day of. You may need to microwave it slightly and re whip it to get it to the right consistency.

The cracking buttercream does happen sometimes when you frost a cake, refrigerate it and then remove it from the fridge. They are not always preventable, so be prepared to fix any cracks with some fresh buttercream. The best way to prevent this from happening is to place your cakes on a firm base.

Your cakes will be fine if you put them out right before the reception starts. They will be at just the right temperature to serve at 6:30 - 7:00.

Hope all goes well and congratulations on your wedding and your DIY approach to the desserts. I hope you will upload some pictures here after you get back from the honeymoon. Here is a link to an invitation to add pictures and a story.

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