How soon can I start to decorate??

by Crystal

Hello! I am making a 4 tier wedding cake and also have to make a grooms cake. I have baked all the cakes that i will need and have got them in the freezer. I am worried that I will not be able to get them all decorated the day before the wedding. So I am wondering how early can I get them defrosted and start decorating? Can I defrost them Wed night? (over night) and then start decorating on Thursday for a Saturday wedding, or is that too soon?

The wedding cake, I am covering in a decorators icing (Wilton's chocolate decorators icing) and the grooms cake will be covered in fondant.

Thank you! any help would be greatly appreciated!! (I am panicking a little now)

Hi Crystal,
Don't panic you are going to be fine because the answer is yes you can take the cakes out on Wednesday and start decorating. I do it sometimes if i am crunched for time. The cakes will be fine.

The groom's cake however should probably be saved until it gets closer because the fondant should not be refrigerated once on the cake. The moisture in the fridge will affect the fondant and make it sticky and wet.

So you can complete the wedding cake but save the grooms cake until the night before if possible. What type of filling are you using for the groom's cake? It should be something that will not spoil such as buttercream.

Please let me know how it went and if you have more questions feel free to ask. Also take a nice picture of your cakes and submit them here for us to see. Either enter them in the cake decorating contest or submit them to my wedding cake photos page.

Take a deep breath and try to have some fun! I know it is stressful, but it will all be worth it when you see the cakes all set up at the reception looking gorgeous.

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