Ideas on decorating cheescake cupcakes

Fondant Discs and Cut Outs For The Cheesecake Cupcakes

Fondant Discs and Cut Outs For The Cheesecake Cupcakes

My daughter is getting married in December & wants cheesecake cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. We have a large cupcake tree that can hold a large number of cupcakes and are wanting it to look pretty-like a wedding cake. I had thought about making fondant circles decorated with fondant flowers that could be placed on the cheesecake cupcakes the day of the wedding (the discs would allow others to help add the finishing touch).

The dilemma is how do I keep the fondant from dissolving as the cheesecakes begin to come to room temperature? I have been told to try piping gel or a cream cheese buttercream as a barrier between the fondant and cheesecakes. I plan to do another trial run later this week...

If the discs don't work out, will fondant flowers work on a creamcheese buttercream or should I do everything with the buttercream... could I ice them a day or two in advance & store them in the fridge until a few hours before the wedding?

Thanks for any bits of wisdom you might throw this way!

ANSWER: Your disc's are beautiful with the little cut outs. I would recommend trying the buttercream as a barrier and then decorating with the fondant discs at the last possible point in time before the reception as you will not be able to refrigerate them once decorated with fondant.

The cream cheese buttercream will work fine, but again you cannot refrigerate them or the fondant decorations will turn to mush. Have you thought about using royal icing? That is another possibility although that would add a crunch and you probably do not want that in between the soft cheesecake and the decoration on top. Royal cannot be refrigerated either or it will break down.

Fondant flowers would work but again you will have to wait to put them on. Yes you can put them on top of buttercream and they will be fine at the reception. Buttercream flowers are your best choice if you want to get the cheesecake cupcakes done a day in advance. This is the only medium that you can refrigerate.

I hope that helps you out and that I was not too late in getting back on this great question. I am in CT where we were hit by a freaky fall snow storm and lost power for a week. Thank you for visiting and please let us know how it all turns out.

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Nov 09, 2011
Topping for cheesecake cupcakes
by: Colleen

I have made several cheesecake wedding cakes and I ice them with Italian Meringue Buttercream. You could do that and place the fondant on that morning; it does okay on IMBC. Or you could make candy clay disks instead of using fondant. That wouldn't melt even in the fridge. You could make your cut out flowers toobecause there are alot of candy colors to choose from. They have candy molds with different wedding ideas.

14 oz of candy disks
1/3 cup of clear corn syrup

Melt the disks, stir in the corn syrup just until incorporated. Turn out onto wax paper and let cure overnight. Several web sites have directions. Good luck.

Nov 09, 2011
Fondant discs
by: Gloria

You can make your discs a day or two ahead of time... make them from a 50/50 of gumpaste and fondant so they dry hard. They will not turn mushy or get soft after being on top of the buttercream. I use this technique often and I have never had a problem with my toppers getting soft!

Good Luck!

Nov 09, 2011
by: Lorelie

Gloria and Colleen Thank you sooo much for your great! ideas. I am truly grateful for all of the helpful advice from you and other generous cake decorators out there.

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