Marble Wedding Cake Question

by Robin Covey
(W. Akron)

I have a cake tasting this weekend for a couple that are due to get married in September, I'm looking towards making a 4 tier cake but this...

They want 2 tiers of German chocolate, which I have planned out already. Those tiers are getting whipped cream/buttercream with SKOR or HEATH bars crushed in the filling for texture since there is no pecans and coconut.

BUT the other tiers are marble cakes! I have never been asked for one! I do more specialty cake recipes and I've picked out a German marbled rum scented cake recipe that will have a German chocolate ganache which I never found a recipe for either and had to come up with.

When I ice it should I split the layers into 4{torte style}or leave it in 2 layers due to the marbling? I don't want to overwhelm the cake but it fits the motif of the rest of the cake.

The other question it a bad idea to use German chocolate in the marble cake batter instead of that dark cocoa?

This site has taught me a lot and I appreciate your help and letting me post my recipe and comments and advertising.

Sincerely, Robin Covey

Hi Robin, That sounds amazing. i love the heath bar and SKPR crunches idea for the filling. The German marble rum scented cake also sounds tantalizing!

I don't see why you can't do four layers for the marbled cake, although i do not cut my layers for wedding cakes. I like to do the two layers because I find it is more stable.

Any chocolate recipe will do when making the marbled cake. I would probably stick with the German chocolate cake batter as you can make extra batter and just swirl it into the white cake batter.

If your recipe calls for cocoa then I would stick with that. If it calls for German Chocolate then go with that.

Regardless. I think your cake will be heavenly!!!
Send a picture please!!! We want to see the finished cake. Thanks for the nice comments on my website. I am glad to help.

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