Marzipan Recipe Anyone?

by Sophie Cote
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Piece of cake!

Piece of cake!


Hi Lorelie!

My question is about a marzipan recipe. I received an order yesterday for a marzipan-covered cake (the famous Martha Stewart 9 baby blocks individual cakes).

I have found many different almond paste recipes on the net. Some tell me to use the food processor to grind almonds with icing sugar and a few drops of almond extract for about 5 minutes until I have a paste. Others will tell me to mix powdered almonds with icing sugar and corn syrup in a bowl with a wooden spoon. Others tell me to use egg whites or even water.

Do you have a good marzipan recipe that I could use? One that wouldn't end up too sticky or fragile so I can use it like fondant to cover a cake?

Thank you so much for giving us all those tips, recipes, and advice. They make all the difference and make the big jump into cake catering way less stressful!

Hi Sophie,

Your quite welcome:) Marzipan covered cakes are not that popular here, at least in my area. As a result I rarely use it. I have used a ready made brand called ODENSE to model figurines and make roses. The Ingredients they use in their paste is: sugar, almonds (28%) and glucose syrup.

It's delicious. I really don't know a good recipe. So I am hoping that someone comes along and sees this post who does know one.

Have you seen ODENSE brand in the grocery or fine foods stores in Canada? If not I am sure you can find a similar brand. I will do some research online and get back to you on this as well.

Thanks for hanging out here at my site. And to anyone checking out this post go to Sophie's website. It's so sweet and so FRENCH!!!

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May 13, 2010
by: Sophie

Hi Lorelie!

Thanks for replying, and thanks for the nice comments on my website! Your reply really helps; it tells me Martha is probably right once again because of the ingredients she uses in her recipe (almonds, sugar, corn syrup). I think I'll first blend the sugar and almonds in my food processor to make it as fine as possible, and then I'll add the corn syrup. I was concerned that the corn syrup might make the paste too sticky, but I guess it will be sturdier than plain water. So I'll give it a try and tell you about it.

I also read somewhere that you can blend two parts of marzipan with one part of fondant. It gives fondant a nice flexibility and taste, and it gives marzipan more structure.

Cheerio! :)

May 13, 2010
Marzipan and Fondant Yummy!
by: Lorelie

The combination of fondant and marzipan sounds wonderful. The fondant would mellow out the strength of the almond flavor a little bit and the fondant would add a nice texture. Makes sense. Thanks Sophie. Let us know how it works out ok?

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