Minion Birthday Cake

by Donna
(MT Pleasant, TN)

Surprise Minion Birthday Cake

Surprise Minion Birthday Cake

Life is Good

No matter how old your children get they still have a passion for cartoon characters and such. Well today is my #1 sons birthday. He turned 46!!! He gets a kick out of the Minions, so for a surprise I made him a 6 inch devils food scratch cake with vanilla butter cream covered in vanilla fondant.

I downloaded a photo of one of the Minions that he likes. I airbrushed my little Minion and added the details as in the photo. It's still a wonderful feeling that no matter how old your kids get to hear them laugh and smile at such a small trinket it means the world and always fulfills your heart.

My First Cake

I believe this is what led me towards the world of baking. My very first cake was when I was about the age of 8, it was my Pop's birthday and he meant the world to me so I decided to bake him a cake. Well at this young age my cakes left something to be desired. It was supposed to be yellow (from a box no less) but somehow when it came out of the oven it looked more on the green side. To this day there is no rhyme, reason or explanation that I know of.

It looked done even though it only stood about an inch high, so I piled on a ton of icing from a can and voila' Pop's birthday cake!!! He had the biggest smile on his face (whether or not it was for the looks of the cake itself) but no matter, he ate it, because I made it and he told me I could bake for him any day because it made him smile.

The Smiles Keep Coming

As the years passed I loved the feeling of making people smile and thankfully my cakes got a whole lot better and bigger. To this day I try to avoid the color green as much as possible! I made my children laugh & smile from their 1st birthday cakes to the Minion creation 46 years later.

I've made wedding cakes and watched the jaw dropping expressions of amazement on the couples faces. I've made cakes for friends and strangers who became friends and the smiles keep coming.

This is my second career in life, first was as a trauma nurse making people feel good and today I am a cake decorator/artist and I still love making people feel good...Life is good!

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Oct 21, 2015
Keep Spreading the Sweetness Donna :-)
by: Lorelie

Thank you Donna for such an inspiring message. Bringing smiles to people with cakes does make life a whole lot sweeter. And our adult children will always somehow be our babies forever....I love your story and that you now have a second career spreading the happiness around in a whole new way.

Keep up the GREAT work :-)

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