My First Wedding Cake

by Heather
(South Bend, IN)

Hi, I am about to make my first wedding cake this summer. The bride wants it to be a 4 tier wedding cake, she wants each tier to be a different flavor of cake.

She is being reasonable, the flavors are white, yellow, chocolate and carrot cake. She is going with a basic buttercream frosting for the 3 tiers and the 4th will be cream cheese all under a buttercream fondant.

I am very comfortable with baking cakes. My question is more on the size of pans I need to use for 150 people, I was thinking a 14in, 12 in, 10in, 8in but I feel that this will be way to big and lots of cake left over.

My other question is, what is a fair price? I have read and spoke to some bakeries, and they charge on average $3.00 per serving, and $20.00 for each tier receiving gum paste flowers. Is $530.00 too much or too little to ask for?

I will also be delivering the cake and setting it up. Any advice would be helpful.


Lorelie's Response,
Hi Heather, Congratulations on making your first wedding cake.

On the baking tips page is a chart on how many servings you should get out of each pan size.

For 150 people I would go slightly smaller and do a 14, 10, 8 with a 6 inch top. This will give you plenty and is more manageable.

Your price is very reasonable. Where you live will also determine the pricing. Wedding Cakes For You prices may be slightly higher because I am close to New York City.

Set up and delivery was something that I included unless it was a long distance. You could figure out the hours and charge by the hour for delivery if it is far away.

You can see my best recipes for wedding cakes including, white cake, yellow cake, carrot cake and chocolate cake.

Please show us your cake when you are finished. You can share it at this link here on the wedding cake pictures page.

Hope that helps you out. Feel free to ask more questions if you need to. You can use the comments section below to add to this post. Good Luck Heather.

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