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Wedding Cakes Pictures And Cake Decorating Ideas

Welcome to wedding cakes pictures and stories from around the world

One of the most unique collections of ideas and creativity from cake decorators all around the world.

You can share your splendid wedding cake photos and join this ever growing online community of helpful craftspeople like yourself. All of the photos and stories on this page are from visitors.

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Most Recent Wedding Cakes-Pictures and Shares

A Fabulous Fondant Pleated Design by Lynnie Vanille

Pleated Fondant Cake by Lynne Vanille

Lynnie Vanille Cakes made this 5 tier cake this past summer and displayed it on individual stands in varying heights and fondant pleats. Stunning! Find her on Facebook.

Luscious Looking Creation

Melisa Brown shared her magnificent wedding cake picture with a sweet testimonial. Thank you Melisa Brown.

Luscious buttercream wedding cake by Melisa Brown

"This is the carrot cake I made for last weekend's wedding. I had a red velvet groom's cake and a simple white cake to go with it. I used all of your recipes and everyone was bowled-over by the flavor.

Thanks again, Lorelie. You're the best cake coach."

~Melisa Brown~ To read the story behind the cake go here

More Wedding Cakes Pictures and Stories

Fondant ruffles by RMC Creations

PHOTO ABOVE: RMC does it again. Rachel's cakes just keep getting better and better! Find her on Facebook.

Halloween Wedding Cake by Beccas Edible Art

The amazing Butterfly effect from Becca's Edible Art.

Fondant Weddng Cake by Lynnie Vanille Cakes

Look for the little bride and groom chickens somewhere onto the cake by Lynnie Vanille Cakes

Unique Wedding Cake By Unique Cakes and Cupcakes

This is a unique design by Madhia You can find her business page on Facebook

Western Wedding Cake by Melissa

The Western Theme by Stinking Sweet Cakes is adorable

Wedding Cakes Pictures-Share Them Here or on Facebook

JS Creations gorgeous wedding dessert table display

ABOVE Left: Jacqui shares many of her wonderful designs with us and this one is so elegant and a little whimsical. The pink, gold and white compliment each other perfectly. Visit JS Creations website to see a fabulous slideshow of her work up close and personal.

Funky wedding cake by  Lizbeth Reyes
Purple wedding cake by Lizbeth Reyes

Lizbeth Reyes does amazing work. I will update the page as soon as I know where to send you for more peeks at  her stylish cakes. Thanks for visiting and checking out the latest designs shared by visitors here and on Facebook.

A fantasy wedding cake by My Darlin Cakes
A spider web design on a whimsical cake by My Darlin Cakes

The front and backside of a unique wedding cake design by My Darlon Cakes

Look closely, there is a lot of detail. The fondant/gumpaste figurines (bride and groom), flowers made of icing? gumpaste.... silk I am not sure. The castle cake topper and the most unusual aspect, the spider web design on the back. 

Find them on facebook.

First wedding cake by Renee Hutchinson of Sweet Obsession Cakes
Winter wedding cake by Renee Hutchinson

Above a FIRST Wedding Cake, By Sweet Obsession. You can see more photos of this cake at her facebook page.

The snowflake design would make a great little Christmas dessert for a wedding or party. LOVE the blue jewels. To see more Christmas design ideas go here.

More Creative Wedding Cakes & Pictures

Wedding Cake with roses by Fondant Animals
Wedding Cake by Darla

sMaxine's Fabulouos Cakes shared her beautiful classic rose draped creation at the share event on FB.

Darla Floriana shared her LOVE cake with bling at the Wedding Cake Wednesday share on FB.


Ombre Rustic Wedding Cake by Eva Rivera

Aqua Ombre tiered cake by Khandra. Vibrant colors are definitely in right now. This is a gorgeous Turquoise blue buttercream. Khandra has shared many cake at Wedding Cakes For You.

Whimsical Wedding Cakes

Whimsy cake by Becca's Edible Art

To add your wedding cake stories go here.

Topsy Turvy, Dr Seuss, Alice in Wonderland or Whimsical as they are sometimes called are very much in vogue. Use your imagination, have fun, that is what these cakes are all about.

You can share your wedding cakes pictures and stories, tell us how you made them, reveal your tips and secrets. At Wedding Cakes For You "Every Cake Has A Story" Share yours.

Becca's Edible Art made this stunning themed wedding cake design. Find her on Facebook.

Wedding Cakes Pictures with Stories

NOTE : Some of the submissions below are contest entries from past competitions here on this website and some were simply shared. All of them have stories, recipes and tips. Go here to see the stories.

The pictures below have tall tales to go with them. Enjoy. Find a common thread with these cake decorators from around the world. :-) Click on the ones you like! :-)


suitcase wedding cake

Woodland Fairy

fairy wedding cake

Blue Polka Dots

polka dot wedding cake

Mad Hatter

mad hatter wedding cake

Zebra Design

wild wedding cake

Polka Dots

polka dot wedding cake

Victorian Lady

victorian books cake

Funky Cake

orange and pink funky wedding cake

Fun and Funky

Rolled Fondant Wedding Cakes

Check out some of the clever rolled fondant cakes from visitors to this site. Included in this collection are fondant flowers, butterflies, white chocolate fondant cakes, pleated designs, fondant draping and more, all shared here by first timers to competition winners and all skill levels in between.


fondant butterfly wedding cake

Competition Cake

connecticut cake competition cake


pleated fondant cake

Golden Mehendi

peacock cake topper on a mehndi inspired wedding cake

Black and White

black and white wedding cake with red roses

Black and White

black and white wedding cake

Renaissance Cake

renassaince wedding cake

Grecian Cake

grecian wedding cake

Sugar Roses

sugar roses

Pink and Green

pink fondant flowers on a fondant wedding cake

Diamond Trim

diamond trim on a wedding cake

Fresh Flowers

elegant wedding cake

Red and White

red and white fondant cake


fondant cake with chocolate dipped strawberries

Gerbera Daisies

wedding cake with pillars

Dummy Cake

dummy cake

Pillow Design

fondant pillow wedding cake

Spring Design

wedding cake with gumpaste flowers

Square  Wedding Cakes

Square designs are unexpected and quite refreshing for a unique change of pace. Here are some examples from readers of Wedding Cakes For You. Click on the ones that you would like to learn more about.

 Pink Ribbon

square wedding cake with pink ribbon

Fresh Daisies

ivory buttercream cake

Quilted Fondant

quilted square fondant cake

Square Tiers

square fondant wedding cake with cascading flowers

Stenciled Design

ivory stenciled wedding cake

Gumpaste Tulips

tulip wedding cake design

Small Wedding Cakes

Unpretentious pretty little cakes from cake decorators who wish to share their love for baking and decorating. You can go to each page by clicking on the photos to read the stories, recipes, and how these cakes are made.

Pink Wedding Cake

pink wedding cake

Gumpaste Flowers

pink and white wedding cake

Vegan Wedding Cake

vegan wedding cake

Small Black & White

small wedding cake with cityscape

Beach Theme

beach theme cake

Cheap Wedding Cake

cheap wedding cake

Buttercream and Wedding Cakes With Fresh Flowers

wedding cake with fresh flowers
organic wedding cake

Traditional Wedding Cakes

traditional wedding cake