Question About Stacked Cakes

by Kristen

I have a question about stacked cakes. Every time I have made one, when the people went to serve it, a lot of icing was removed between the cakes.This left some guests without any icing on their piece. What went wrong?

Hi Kristen, Your stacked cakes may have been still cool under each tier which makes the buttercream (if you use real butter) harden and crack when the cakes are cut. Also the cardboard rounds will tend to stick to the buttercream so when they remove each tier a chunk of the frosting comes off along with the cake above it.

To remedy the sticking problem, I use a sprinkling of coconut in between each cake tier under the cardboard. I have heard of some people using graham cracker crumbs instead. To remedy the cracking butter cream problem I just hope that the cakes are out long enough by the time they are cut to be at room temperature all the way through. I am not usually there during the cake cutting, but have cut enough stacked wedding cakes to know that this happens more often than not.

I hope that answers your question about stacked cakes.

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Nov 10, 2010
Icing Gone!!
by: Yani

Hi Lorelie & Kristen: This is a great topic, I have only made two wedding/stacked cakes and alot of birthday cakes with toppers that when I take it apart the same happened to me, the icing on the botton of the cakeboards or topper was gone and wished to have packed extra icing to repair it on but then again the wedding cakes get carried away for someone else to dissasemble & serve hopefully it wasn't too bad. Thank you Lorelie about your suggestions, which I will be doing from NOW ON!!

Nov 10, 2010
Thanks for your input Yani!
by: Lorelie

Hi Kristen and Yani LOL,

Exactly Yani, they (the caterers) take it away and they do what they will without caring as much as we do. It's best not to be there when the cake is cut. LOL I have seen many cake cuttings because I used to work at a banquet hall.

Another thing they did that drove me crazy was to sling my cakes over one shoulder holding it like a tray of food and carry out to the cake table like that. I would be following behind freaking out until it got safely on the table.

Never dropped one though!!!Amazingly enough.

Thanks Yani and I am glad that the coconut tip helped. If you do try the graham crackers instead let me know.

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