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Royal Icing Strings and Bows

Hi Lorelie I have a question about royal icing...your site is AWESOME!! I just happened upon it...I think it should be the first site to come up when you google search! I wish I could come to take classes from you!

I am attempting to make a wedding cake for a friend, I think I am going to use butter cream because I am leery about doing fondant on the larger tiers. I wanted to know about using royal that done? I was thinking it would make a nice smooth surface. Also, do you have a recipe for royal icing? or would you recommend using the box kit they sell in craft stores?

Thank you for your advice...I will send pictures when I have some :0)


Hi Nathalie, THANK YOU !!! You made my day with that compliment to my site. I am working every day to get it to the top, and actually it is for some of my keywords. Can you call Google and tell them? LOL!!!

Buttercream is great and I would probably stick to that for your first wedding cake, although it does take practice to make it smooth as you probably have found.

I have never used royal icing to cover a cake. I do use it for making roses, leaves, scrolls over fondant, and snowflakes. You can cover a cake with royal icing but according to the book that I refer to often "Cake Decorating" by Elaine MacGregor, it is quite a lengthy process.

She suggests covering the cake with marzipan first and then adding three coats of royal icing. The top coat must be dried for six hours or more before icing the sides, etc etc. This is why I have never used the royal icing as a coating.

Fondant is wonderful once you get the hang of it. Just play around with it and do a practice cake at some point so you can feel comfortable with it the next time you make a wedding cake.

I do have a recipe and a video for royal icing if you want to try it out.

Thank you for a great royal icing question!!!

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